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IGN has the tips and tricks, strategies, and secrets you need to succeed in Loop Hero.

  • Quit While You’re Ahead – If you notice your low on health or don’t feel confident you can beat an enemy or a boss, it might be a good idea to end the run early as you’ll retain more of your gathered resources by returning to camp by choice than you will by losing a run.
  • Retreat From the Camp Tile – If you have to leave a run, do it regardless of where you are to. That being said, if you can make it back to the starting camp before ending the run, do so as you’ll retain 100% of your gathered resources as opposed to 60% if you end the run on a regular tile. If you hold down the Return button, the game will automatically prompt you to quit the next time you reach camp so you don’t the opportunity.

  • Learn Tile Synergies – Different tiles interact differently depending on what they are near. For example, if you create a 3×3 block of Rocks/Mountains, they’ll transform into a Mountain Top which will give you extra resources and occasionally spawn Harpies on your field. Similarly, Meadows will transform into Blooming Meadows that do additional healing if you place them next to a non-meadow tile.
  • Build Up Your Camp – You can make new buildings at your camp using the resources you found in your past runs. Read through the buildings available to you and try and unlock them as early as possible.

  • Learn What Resources You Need and How to Get Them – Buildings require resources to be built, so before you start an expedition, figure out which buildings you want to make next and what resources you need to get them so you can prioritize these resources on your run. This’ll be a lot easier if you understand how to get these resources using the cards in your deck.
  • Vampirism Can Come Back to Bite You in the Butt – Vampirism is a great effect to have as it gives you a consistent source of health regen. That being said, on Swamp tiles Vampirism will not heal you, but rather will do the opposite and cause you to take damage. Luckily, this also works for Vampire enemies so placing a Vampire Mansion on a Swamp may be a good idea.
  • Use Your Treasury Strategically – Treasuries give you resources every time you place a tile in one of the eight squares surrounding it. If you fill all eight spots, the treasury will empty giving you a ton of resources and new gear–though, this is a double-edged sword as it will also enable Gargoyles to spawn on the loop. The gear you gain from the treasury will also scale with the number of loops you have completed so it might be a good idea to leave an empty spot surrounding it until a later loop to maximize the quality of gear dropped.
  • Customize Your Deck and Find Synergies – It may sound obvious for a game with a deck-building mechanic but don’t forget that you can customize your deck. Play around with your layout and find what cards work best well together. As you play some more you’ll unlock new cards so make sure to check on your deck regularly to ensure you have the best set-up possible.
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