Create Infinitely Recurring Zoom Meetings


Last week one of my colleagues asked me for help setting up some Zoom meetings. He needed to hold a series of meetings that were not going to be held at the same time each day. He could have set a series of individual meetings. That would have required students to have a different link for each meeting. The solution that I proposed to him was to create a recurring meeting without setting a schedule. 

In Zoom you can create recurring meetings without specifying a date and time for each instance of the meeting. By doing this you can give meeting attendees one link that can be used every time they join the meeting regardless of when the meeting is actually held. This also avoids the 50 occurrences limit that Zoom imposes when you schedule recurring meetings that have dates attached to them. The only downside to scheduling recurring meetings without a specific date and time is that you’ll have to notify and remind your meeting attendees every time you want them to join the recurring meeting. 

In this short video I demonstrate how to create recurring Zoom meetings without having to create a specific schedule of dates and times. 

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