Fortnite Team Reportedly Disqualified from Tournament After Team Member Aggressively Tweets Epic CCO


A Fortnite team has reportedly been disqualified from the Fortnite Champion Series after one of the team’s members told the CCO of Epic Games to kill himself on Twitter.
Eurogamer and Dot Esports report that this Fortnite team was last in the current standings of the NA East tournament, which still would’ve entitled the team to prize money. Six matches were left in the tournament when Fortnite player Wrigley targeted Donald Mustard, CCO of Epic Games, on Twitter.

“Like literally f**king k!ll your$elf @DonaldMustard,” Wrigley wrote. The tweet along with the rest of Wrigley’s Twitter account has been deleted.Wrigley’s teammate, Dictate, posted a screenshot of a section of an email on Twitter that claims the team has been disqualified. The email has not been verified and could be fake. The third teammate, Userz, has seemingly confirmed the disqualification on Twitter by denouncing Wrigley’s actions and asking for permission for another player to substitute for Wrigley.

“I wish we would be able to have an Opportunity [sic] for an emergency sub what [sic] wrigley [sic] did was completely out of our control and [sic] we put endless [sic] amount of time into the game for a chance at life changing [sic] money…,” Userz wrote.

Epic Games has not officially commented on the matter.

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