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Beginner’s Guide to Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise’s gameplay loop is the main objective – it looks pretty simple, but is incredibly deep and satisfying if you invest time to master your weapon and forge unique armor sets. Prepare, Hunter a Monster, Make Better Stuff, and repeat!

Here are the steps, with everything you need to know about each of them. Click to jump to that part of this page.

1. Prepare

First, prepare for a quest! Check the Village and Multiplayer Hub Key Quests – Walkthrough for details on how to choose a quest and progress the story.

2. Hunt a Monster


3. Make Better Equipment (and more!)

Check the map by holding minus and talk to everyone with a chat bubble to get new optional quests, free items, and more.

4. Repeat!

That’s it! Continue prepping your equipment for the best advantage against the monster you’re up against next.

Prepare for a Hunt

Everything you should do when preparing for a hunt, especially your first one. Heads up, there are also tutorials you can accept from the village hub.

Choose a Weapon

You start Monster Hunter Rise with basic models of all 14 types of weapons – you can see this equipment, and change it out, by selecting any Item Box within the village. Each weapon is wildly different! See the Weapons page for details about each of them, controls and tutorials for each, and advice on which weapons are best for beginners.

Try them out in the Training Area – you will be able to fast travel within Kamura Village by bringing up your map by holding the minus button and choosing it. However, you’ll need to head to the Training Area physically by taking the dinghy from the Buddy Plaza before you can fast travel.

Manage Your Inventory

In between hunts, you’ll need to manage your item pouch. Luckily, this is made incredibly simple by registering an item loadout at the Item Box. Then, emptying and restocking your pouch is as easy as choosing a Loadout at the item box.

See Recommended Item Loadouts for ideas on what to bring with you on hunts, from instant heal Max Potions to attack-boosting Demondrugs.

Equip the Right Gear

You’ll unlock more weapons and armor to craft as you slay new monsters and acquire more items! Check back in between quests to see what’s new.

At first, you won’t have many options, but look at the monster you’re about to face and the equipment you have on. Probably don’t want to face a fire-breathing Rathalos with negative fire resistant, or use a water element weapon on a bubbly Mizutsune. And, don’t forget about your Palicoe’s and Palamute’s gear!

You’ll get armor spheres that simply upgrade Armor’s defense, but don’t bother on the basic Kamura garb. Hold onto them until you craft a piece of armor you know you’ll want to keep. P.S. Armor Skills will become more important later, but for now just make sure to choose armor pieces that aren’t completely irrelevant to you. Like, if you don’t use Hunting Horn, don’t pick a chest piece with Horn Maestro that only affects Hunting Horns.

Eat a Meal

Lastly, always eat before a quest! Dango always increases your max health and stamina, and grant individual skills – like elemental resistances. If you forget, you can eat (and change equipment and items) inside the tent on a quest.

Hunting a Monster

Everything you need to know about actually hunting down a monster on a quest.

Pick Up Endemic Life (And Items)

Always go to the blue supply box! The items included will give you a hint of what to use to heal from a monster’s status inflictions, or what to use to exploit them – like Screamer Pods against Lagombi’s Sensitive ears – at least in Low Rank and Village Quests.

You can’t keep most supply box items given to you by the guild, so use them before your own.

Pick up *everything* as you travel around – mining points, plants, mushrooms, insects, etc. Trust me, you’ll probably need that stuff eventually.

Endemic Life is super useful! If you’re having trouble, make a concerted effort to collect buffs before engaging with a monster. Some of them can be used as items, too!

At the end of a quest, don’t sell any reward items, just take them all. You can always sell excess stuff later for a quick buck.

Take Advantage of the Wirebug and Wyvern Riding

The Wirebug and Wyvern Riding are new to everyone, and are fantastic tools to take down monsters even faster and more fluidly. See Wyvern Riding Guide – How to Mount and Tips and Wirebug Guide, Tips, Controls for exactly how to utilize these cool game mechanics.

How to Tell a Monster’s Health and Status

Monsters don’t have health bars in Monster Hunter Rise – instead, you can tell how it’s feeling by its actions and behavior. If it’s drooling, it’s exhausted; if it limping, it’s close to defeat (and capturable – also indicated by the blue icon); if acting erratically, or otherwise has a change in appearance, it’s usually enraged and will be more difficult to fight, and will break out of traps faster.

Kill or Capture?

Catching a monster always shaves off a few minutes of a hunt vs. slaying it, but some materials are easier to get one way or the other. Check the Monster page in this wiki for that info if you haven’t unlocked that information in your own Hunter’s Notes yet, and How to Capture Monsters to learn how.

Make Better Equipment (and more!)

After hunting a monster, check the Smithy for new equipment to make! Check the map by holding minus and talk to everyone with a chat bubble to get new optional quests, free items, and more – and occasionally do the following!

The Argosy and Meowcenaries – Free Item Farming

After your first Village Hub Urgent Quest, The Argosy will arrive in the Buddy Plaza. Send your buddies out to collect the items you need or are running low on – like Honey (for Mega Potions!) so you don’t run out. It beats having to go out and gather them yourself, like I had to do back in my day…

Send Buddies out with the Meowcenaries to gather field items and monster materials.

Check the Cohoot nest in this tree in the Buddy Plaza for free stuff, like Steel Eggs, which you can sell!

You don’t have to check on the Argosy and Meowcenaries after every quest, but look occasionally and switch out when needed (which you can do from your housekeep). Trading with the Argosy and Meowcenaries is also how you get unique materials to unlock some cool new equipment!

Buddies: Palicoes and Palamutes

Make sure to always train buddies you don’t take with you at the Buddy Dojo – and recruit new ones if needed from Imori. Palicoes have different types and different attacks, so try out a variety. Plus, the higher level your buddies, the more they can do when trading with The Argosy, or when sent on missions with the Meowcenaries.

Even More Tips!

Hunting for more tips? Check out:

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