Dr.A.Q.Khan: The Ever-Living Strength of Pakistan

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan as his personality and nature of social help is popularly known as is widely believed to be the architect of Pakistan’s nuclear program. Highly disliked by western powers for making Pakistan a nuclear power, Dr. A Q Khan worked hard not only to make Pakistan a strong nuclear power but also developed and led development programs for the development of Pakistan’s strategic weapon systems. His contribution to the Pakistani nuclear and missile program, both on technology and leadership fronts, helped establish a formidable defense system for Pakistan that transcended its conventional capabilities. Dr. A Q Khan always associated closely with the ideology of Pakistan and has taken pride in glorious works by Muslim scientists. He worked hard to establish the Pakistani nuclear program as a strong reply to the Indian program which would have resulted in a misbalance of power in the region. Among various honors and awards conferred on Dr. A Q Khan, it is notable that he received Pakistan’s highest civil award, Nishan-i-Imtiaz twice, being the only Pakistani with this honor. In recent years, Dr. A Q Khan was accused of the proliferation of nuclear weapons by western powers. These allegations were nothing but a frustrated reaction by the west for being unable to contain a Muslim country from becoming a nuclear power. To date, Dr. A Q Khan is respected, loved, and revered as one of the most talented scientists Pakistan ever produced. News Mobilization Network

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