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WriteReader is a good tool for elementary school students to use to create multimedia stories. I’ve featured WriteReader in about a dozen blog posts over the last few years. It has two distinguishing features that I always point out. First, it provides space for teachers to give feedback to students directly under every word that they write. Second, WriteReader has a huge library of images, including some from popular programs like Sesame Street, that can be used for writing prompts. 

Recently, I learned that WriteReader now offers a Google Classroom integration. WriteReader’s Google Classroom integration will let you import your Google Classroom roster to create WriteReader accounts for your students. Once your roster is imported your students can sign into WriteReader with their Google accounts. You’ll also be able to post WriteReader assignments in Google Classroom. 

Here’s a short video overview of WriteReader’s Google Classroom integration. 

Applications for Education
Elementary school teachers who are looking for new ways to get their students interested in writing stories should explore some of WriteReader’s many templates and many blog posts about using templates to help students write stories. I’ve always been a fan of WriteReader’s formatting that allows teachers to give students direct feedback below every word that they write in their stories.

WriteReader’s Google Classroom integration should make it easier than ever to get students started on the writing process in WriteReader.

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