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God’s Prophet, (upon whom be peace), liked to sleep on his right side. He also taught his companions when they go to bed to pray: “Lord, I seek refuge in Thee from any disturbing dreams and from Satan’s chicanery whether I am awake or in my sleep. Lord, protect me against the sufferings that people will experience on the Day of Gathering.” After the daybreak, God’s Prophet, (upon whom be peace), used to ask his companions, if they had seen any dreams, and he did interpret their dreams for them.
It is reported that he also has said: “A dream will take effect according to how it is interpreted.” God’s Prophet (upon whom be peace) also said: “A dream sits on the wing of a flying bird and will not take effect unless it is related to someone.” Therefore, one should only tell his dream to a trustworthy person, a pious and a knowledgeable person. He should not tell it to a jealous person, and he should not tell his dream to a child, or a wife.
It is related that God’s Prophet (upon whom be peace) once said: “Tell your dreams only to a beloved or a knowledgeable person.”Remember when Jacob (upon whom be peace) told his son Joseph:
“My dear little son, do not tell your dream to your brothers, lest they concoct a plot against thee, for satan, is to man an avowed enemy.” (Qur’an 12:5)
In relation to the earlier related saying of God’s Messenger (upon whom be peace) “Glad tidings are the only part of prophecies that will remain after me” which is said to mean true dreams someone said: ”When a servant of God Almighty falls asleep in the middle of the night during his prostration, God Almighty will say: ‘Look at My servant, his soul is standing before Me, and his body is engaged in my service.
”Abu Al-Darda’ once said: ”When the servant falls asleep, his soul will be brought before the Divine Throne. If one had gone to sleep abluted, then the soul will be permitted to prostrate before its Lord. Otherwise, the soul will not be permitted to prostrate.” Abu Zarr Al-Ghafari once said: “My beloved advised me never to neglect three things until I reach my death:

1- To fast three days from every month
2- To perform the pre-dawn (Fajar)
3- Never go to sleep without ablution.

God Almighty has said in the Qur’an: “It is He Who takes back the souls at night, and then it is He Who (God Almighty) gives them back at awakening, except for those for whom death has come. He then takes back the latter and returns the ones that are to remain in this world for a while.” (Qur’an 39:42).
God’s Messenger (upon whom be peace), has said: “People are asleep, and when they die, they wake up.” Describing sleep, he also said: ” When someone told a dream to God’s Prophet (upon whom be peace he used to say: “God willing, may your dream be blessed. May it be glad tidings you receive and protection against evil. May this be good for us and bad for our enemy. All praises be to God, Lord, and Cherisher of all lives.
Now, tell your dream.” In his tradition, if one says to someone: “I saw a dream.” The listener should immediately say: “God willing, may it be glad tidings.” (IN’SHA’ALLAH). People mostly went to wise sheikhs in their vicinity. Others traveled to distant places to meet qualified interpreters and to receive the explanations and meaning of their dreams. Even kings and rulers throughout the history of mankind sought someone to interpret their dreams.
Such interpretations were used as medicine for one’s spiritual, physical (see Medicine), or psychological illness, or to amend the course of one’s decision. There is a special prayer in Islamic traditions called Salatul Ul Istikharah, which solicits Divine guidance in one’s life or for a specific and immediate need.
According to Islamic traditions, such guidance may come in many forms, including in a dream. When intending to tell a dream, one should choose the early dawn hours or immediately after sunrise. This will particularly help the interpreter whose mind is mostly cleared at that hour. God’s Prophet (uwbp) has said: “Special blessings are given to my followers in the early hours of the day.” If one is truthful in his life, he will see true dreams. If he lies, or if he likes to lie, his dream will lie to him. However, if he lies but hates to do so, his dream then maybe true to him.

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