Microsoft Reportedly In Talks to Purchase Discord for Over $10 Billion


Microsoft is allegedly in talks to purchase Discord, the gaming-focused chat software, for over $10 billion USD.As reported by Bloomberg, these discussions appear to be early as there is no imminent deal on the horizon. Furthermore, one source said that, despite these talks, Discord may be more likely to go public than sell itself.While Microsoft is one of potential suitors, Discord has also been in discussions with Epic Games and Amazon.

VentureBeat first reported that Discord, the company with roughly 140 million monthly userrs that recently raised $100 million at a $7 billion valuation, was exploring a sale worth more than $10 billion.

Discord was said to be the one who reached out to Microsoft to gauge interest in a potential sale and that Xbox head Phil Spencer has been part of these chats. While purely speculation, it’s important to consider how beneficial having a service like Discord could be for the future of communication on the Xbox platform.

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