Gordon Ramsay Starbucks Video

Gordon Ramsay Starbucks Video – have any of those um amazing toasters yeah we do have a cheese sauce here or five thirsty and is that the um ham and cheese jamie oliver toasty from the shell garage no oh that just said that toasties were this way is there any tomato in there

hello it’s got mustard mustard is it english or french mustard sorry american i’m not oh i’m allergic to the american one do you do takeaways sorry do you do takeaways take away oh what’s 10 take away from a hundred i’ll stick to the hickory ham cheese toasty please extra cheese in that hickory ham the pre-made i’m afraid pre-made okay now i’ll just i’ll take the normal hickory ham cheese toasty please it’s only toasted one side i asked for no mustard take care guys bye-bye is that english or french mustard american oh man harry starter

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