Ford recalls 100,000 hybrid cars over fire risk

Ford has recalled around 100,000 hybrid vehicles over a fire risk. The affected automobiles include some Corsair and Escape SUVs of model years 2020 to 2022, and a number of Maverick compact pickups from the same period. All have 2.5-liter hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric engines. A crankshaft machining problem has the potential to cause … Read more

Meta launches Sphere, an AI knowledge tool based on open web content, used initially to verify citations on Wikipedia

Facebook may be infamous for helping to usher in the era of “fake news”; but it’s also tried to find a place for itself in the follow-up: the never-ending battle to combat it. In the latest development on that front, Facebook parent Meta today announced a new tool called Sphere, AI built around the concept … Read more

Microsoft still plans to block Office macros by default after temporary rollback

Microsoft is still planning to block Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros by default in Office apps. The software giant rolled back planned changes last week, surprising IT admins who had been preparing for Microsoft to prevent Office users from easily enabling macros in Office files downloaded from the internet. The change, designed to improve security … Read more

Terra projects band together in migration to Polygon ecosystem

More than 48 different crypto projects formerly based on the failed Terra ecosystem have found a resurgence by migrating over to Polygon. Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt expressed delight at his network’s ability to onboard many projects to the ecosystem in a July 9 tweet. He hinted that Polygon’s multimillion-dollar Terra Developer Fund has been effective … Read more

Instead of AI sentience, focus on the current risks of large language models

Recently, a Google engineer made international headlines when he asserted that LaMDA, their system for building chatbots, was sentient. Since his initial post, public debate has raged over whether artificial intelligence (AI) exhibits consciousness and experiences feelings as acutely as humans. While the topic is undoubtedly fascinating, it’s also overshadowing other, more pressing risks such as unfairness and privacy loss posed … Read more

Researchers in China claim they have developed ‘mind-reading’ artificial intelligence that can measure loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party

Researchers at China’s Comprehensive National Science Center in Hefei claimed to have developed “mind-reading” artificial intelligence capable of measuring citizens’ loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), The Sunday Times UK first reported. In a now-deleted video and article, the institute said the software could measure party members’ reactions to “thought and political education” by analyzing … Read more

Spotify quietly rolls out real-time lyrics on the Nest Hub

Spotify has quietly rolled out support for real-time lyrics on the Google Nest Hub, according to a report from 9to5Google. The feature, which has already been made available on iOS, Android, game consoles, desktop computers, and select smart TVs, lets you listen to music on Spotify while seeing a stream of lyrics that progresses with the song. While Spotify … Read more