40 Of The Best Memes And Reactions Folks Had To Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 4

Today’s world is practically bursting with high-quality TV series; captivating plots, stunning camerawork and those exciting yet sleepless nights that the shows are eagerly awaiting to bring upon you. 

There are a million reasons why folks enjoy spending their free time diving into those fictional worlds – however, the main one probably lies within the comfort. You get to escape the big harsh reality, turn your mind off and dedicate a few hours (or weeks even) to exploring a contrasting take on life that the imaginary characters are going through. 

Stranger Things, a horror hit that has been impressing fellow TV show lovers since 2016, has recently blessed the viewers with its 4th season, and to celebrate the occasion, Bored Panda has gathered a couple of memes and reactions dedicated to the premiere. 


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For those who are not yet familiar with the show, Stranger Things is a sci-fi horror drama created by the Duffer Brothers; the duo consists of Matt and Ross Duffer, who are American film and TV writers, directors and producers who have created several short films, directed a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller film called Hidden and wrote and produced episodes for Wayward Pines.

Stranger Things, the phenomenal television series that managed to impress the whole world, was released on July 15, 2016. The show sparked a storm of emotions among the Netflix viewers and has truly become one of the most binge-worthy shows on the platform.


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The storyline takes place in Indiana in the 1980s, where a small fictional rural town called Hawkins gets bombarded with unfortunate news; a boy suddenly goes missing, turning the whole place upside down. The disappearance then starts a chain of events, where one thing leads to another, and we finally meet the star of the show – a little girl with a shaved head and a “011” marking on her wrist.

The Duffer brothers paid exceptional attention to the details and the fans are obsessed with the ’80s nostalgia of the show. Another draw is the young cast consisting of 12-year-old nerdy boys who, in reality, bring a ton of maturity with their deeply written roles.


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Let’s not forget the true superstar of the TV series – the banging soundtrack. Throughout the seasons the viewers have been blessed with the most outstanding songs from Toto’s “Africa” to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. The majority will agree that the Duffer brothers’ music choice has, without a doubt, added a certain charm to the Netflix series and made the whole picture seem exceptionally upbeat, hyped and simply complete.


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What’s more is that the show is very inviting and is able to reach a wider audience with its multi-genre storyline. Though it is officially classified as a “horror drama”, the series touches on a variety of categories such as adventure, conspiracy and, of course, that good old coming-of-age narrative. Thanks to the Duffer brothers and their ability to blend the genres together and create such an engaging twist, Stranger Things is watched by those who aren’t normally interested in such a genre.


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Aside from all the exciting details that make Stranger Things so lovable, the thing that truly differentiates the show from any other is the unique connection that the main characters have. The group dynamic that is portrayed throughout the series is heartwarming and very committed, though the seriousness of the bond doesn’t stop the friends from making the audience laugh.


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If you’re still feeling hesitant and you’re not sure whether you’re ready to commit yourself to the four-season-long binge-watching marathon of Stranger Things, Bored Panda hopes that this ensemble of random reactions will guide you to the right path.


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