Win Thor NFTs in Cinemark and Disney’s Instant Win Competition

American movie theatre chain Cinemark has teamed up with Disney to host an NFT-infused competition to celebrate the launch of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder. 
The competition began on June 28th, and will run through until July 7th, which is the day before the film’s official release date. Its premise involves contestants visiting the rewards page on the Cinemark website or app, where they will be given a pin which they can enter on the competition’s site. If inputting a winning code, participants will be given another code which they can then redeem on NFT platform VeVe to receive a special-edition NFT based on the blockbuster film. 
Winners will be selected on a daily basis, with 1,000 NFTs up for grabs in total (meaning around 100 winners will be selected per day). The infusion of digital collectibles with cinema is a concept that has already been tried and tested by likes of fellow movie theatre chain AMC, who has released NFTs for ‘The Batman‘ and ‘Spiderman: No Way Home‘ movie-goers, as well as for its shareholders.
The endeavour also comes as part of Disney’s broader focus of expanding to next-generation storytelling by using content which blends the physical, digital, and virtual worlds together.

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