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Video Figlio Di Grillo – The tempest doesn’t decrease around Beppe Grillo who yesterday protected his child Ciro in a video posted via online media , being scrutinized for supposed gathering sexual savagery against a Milanese young lady of Scandinavian cause. The scene traces all the way back to July 2019, an examination is as yet progressing and includes three other youngsters. At the bleeding edge of assaulting the joke artist and organizer of the 5 Star Movement, representative Iv Maria Elena Boschi who composed on Facebook: “Grillo should be embarrassed, he fouls up to all ladies survivors of brutality”. Under the post, check the answer of Parvin Tadjik , spouse of Beppe Grilloand mother of Ciro. “There is a video that vouches for the honesty of the young men, where you can see that she is consenting, the date of the grievance is just a detail”, he remarks. In his upheaval, Grillo called it “bizarre” that the young lady had detailed the scene “after eight days”.

In any case, it doesn’t stop there. New post from Boschi: “Parvin Tadjik reacts to my video yesterday saying that his child is blameless, that the young lady was consenting, that there is proof. I don’t take the preliminary via online media, kind woman”. Also, once more: “The decisions are chosen by the officers, not the tweets of the moms. This method of considering equity, playing it via online media and not in courts, is abnormal”. Also, this is the thing that “her significant other Beppe has consistently finished with his supporters: it is called justicialism”.

“I will take this video to the Prosecutor’s Office since I trust it is a proof against him”, says Giulia Bongiorno. legal advisor of the 19-year-old Milanese, in L’Aria Che pulls up La7. “It is proof that records an attitude of doublespeak, frequently utilized by men to legitimize themselves when they are blamed”, says the attorney who on this line of safeguard adds: “They say to the people in question, be cautious. Be that as it may, we don’t leave ourselves alone scared!” .

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