Tips of losing weight

  Losing weight is very important to our health but it is not the answer to your all health problem, if your nutrition suggests you lose weight then there are some tips of losing weight without any risk. your nutrition suggests you lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week which is more effective for maintaining weight for a long time.  

loss weight
loss weight

For losing weight you should select good nutrition that will give you a better eating plan. some nutrition gives you such eating plans that will help you lose weight but leave you feeling very hungry and unsatisfied. these are the main reasons that you do not stick to healthy eating plans for a long time.  

Everyone has a special and different requirement for eating style and the tips of nutrition may work on you differently than others.

there are some concepts to lose weight by following a low-carb diet and a diet that has a focus on whole healthy foods and by focusing on the side effects of fast food.

Here are some science-backed tips of losing weight by healthy eating, and choosing low carb diet include:

  • suppress your appetite and avoid overeating
  • to achieve your weight loss goals, be consistent
  • boost up your metabolic system.

Some tips can help you lose weight faster. But quick weight loss is infrequently feasible. To improve your health and lose weight, you must focus on long-term health and habits that keep you active.  

How to Losing Weight in 3 Simple Steps


1. Cut back on refined carbs

To determine the best way for you to lose weight, consult your doctor for recommendations

Carbs are foods like potatoes, pasta, and bread that contain a lot of carbohydrates. carbohydrate plays the main role to increase your weight. so, it is important to cut back on refined carbs such as sugar and starches, etc.

we can replace refined carbs with whole grains such as barley, brown rice, popcorn, millet, oats meals, buckwheat, cracked wheat, etc these are important and superior diets for losing weight.

By using this eating food your hunger level will go down and you easily reduce your calories. low-carb diet help you to feel less hungry and your eating calories may reduce naturally.

low carb diet is important to some extent for you because of the following reasons

  • First of all, it will reduce your hunger level and appetite
  • it will reduce your calories

According to research low carb diet is not effective for a long time because it lowers the insulin level in our body.

So you must consult with your doctor to find the best method for losing weight    

Lose Weight Step 2 Eat protein, fat, and vegetables

If you want to lose weight effectively, you should have to balance your plate which includes different variety of foods such as

  • protein foods
  • vegetables
  • fat source
  • whole grains


By replacing carbs and fats with protein, you will easily reduce the hunger hormones and boost excess hormones .this may lead to a major reduction in hunger. in this way, protein will help you to lose weight effectively and you eat fewer calories automatically.

Here are some instructions that help you to make sure that how much protein is essential for your diet.

  • 0.8g/kg of body weight
  • 1-1.2g/kg of body weight for people 65 and older
  • 1.4-2g/kg of body weight for athletes

The important protein sources are as follows :

  • Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy foods.
  • plates of seafood: salmons, trouts, sardines, and shrimp
  • plant-based protein: beans, legumes, quinoa, soybean, etc
  • vegetables and fruits
  • nuts: walnut, pistachio, etc.


As we know that vegetables are rich in nutrients and your diet plate should also contain green leafy vegetables.

some vegetables are rich in carbs such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and corn these are higher in carbs yet, these are not helpful for losing weight.        

Vegetables to include in plate



Brussel sprouts








Healthy fat

These are also important for losing weight to some extent so your plate should also contain it.

these are:



pumpkin seeds

flax seed


fatty fish

olive oil



Losing Weight Step 3 Move your body


In this age of technology, our daily exercise routines are getting slow because we spent our most of time on mobiles, computers, tabs, and on laptops. so, this will also increase our weight day by day.

So we should concentrate on some exercise and we all know that exercise is important for our health because it will help you to reduce weight fastly and effectively.

Research has shown the four types of exercise are

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

The best exercises for losing weight



There is some important exercise given to lose weight:

  • Brisk walking
  • cycling
  • jogging
  • running
  • weight training
  • swimming
  • yoga
  • boot camp
  • jumping rope


From the following discussion, it is clear that every point is essential to losing weight, so Following the above points such as cutting refined back carbs, a healthy eating plan, and exercise, all are very important to losing weight.

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