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Wake-Up Call

When the game begins, you’ll be introduced to the game’s main characters by way of a short discussion. It turns out, things aren’t going well for this couple and the two are getting divorced. They’re planning to tell their daughter, Rose, but she already knows. At this point, she pulls up two makeshift playdolls — this is where Player 1 and Player 2 must decide who they wish to play as: Cody and May.

Another cutscene plays out and you witness Cody and May explain to Rose at dinner that they’re getting a divorce. She runs upstairs to play with her Cody and May dolls and so our journey begins.

After Cody and May wake up as Rose’s dolls, you’ll meet Dr. Hakim, a doctor of love…supposedly. He’s here to fix Cody and May’s relationship. This begins Chapter One: Fix Your Relationship.

Starting Controls to Know: Dash = X/Square, Jump = A/X, Crouch = Y/Triangle

When you’re finally in control of your character, feel free to explore the area and get a feel for the controls. When you’re ready to move forward, walk down the small ledge and you’ll see what appears to be a generator. On the left of it is a lever — both players must jump up and press Y/Triangle. This pulls the lever down.


There are two plugs to the left of the generator. You and your Player 2 must grab these by pressing Y and plug them into the generator.

There’s still one more to find though. It’s up high — go back to where the other plugs were and climb up.

You’ll see the third plug up here. It’ll run away and a glass jar will eventually fall onto it. Jump on top of it and then jump again. While in the air, press B/Circle to perform a ground pound, which breaks the glass. The plug runs away again and scurries up a wall. Go to this wall and jump back and forth by pressing A/X off of each wall to reach the top.

Up here, follow the plug across a saw. You’ll need to jump from the saw and jump again in mid-air to land on the toolbox hanging across from it. Both you and Player 2 need to jump up and pull down the door in front of you. Follow the plug forward through the tunnel by holding B/Circle to crouch through it.

On the other side, you’ll learn to sprint by pressing LS/L3. Sprint across the area until you reach two red buttons. You and Player 2 will need to ground pound on them at the same time.

After this, jump onto the rotating gear and press A/X on it. Ride it up to the platform on the right where the plug is. It will, of course, run away again. Follow it to a rotating cylinder. Jump and hold A on the striped side when it’s facing you and continue holding A until it rotates to the other side.

Jump off when it rotates to the side opposite of where you first jumped onto it.

After this, you’ll need to jump forward, do a double jump, and press X/Square to dash mid-air to reach the other side. Do this once more and you’ll reach where we are below. One player needs to step into the rolling cylinder and roll it to the plug. The other needs to jump on top of the cylinder.

Both of you should use this cylinder to reach the other side. In this next room, you’ll see a saw with a cord slightly plugged in. One of you must perform a ground pound to plug the plug in. After that, both of you must grab the saw and ride it up the piece of wood. When you land on the rotating drill, press A/X to jump off and slide all the way down the piece of wood until you need to jump.

Grab the plug and circle around to plug it into the generator.

After this, Dr. Hakim will launch higher into the shed and you’ll meet a vacuum who is not happy with the way either of you treated them.

Biting the Dust

After this and once you are back in control, you’ll be under the purview of a seemingly evil (at least to May and Cody) vacuum. Jump across the water and progress forward until you reach a vacuum hose. Both of you must get sucked up into it and while floating down, aim for the other platform with a vacuum hose on it.

Here, one of you will need to get on the end of the vacuum and ride it kind of like a bucking bronco — try to aim the end at the platform up above. Meanwhile, the other player needs to jump into the hose and hopefully, they’ll be sucked up and shot out at the platform up above.

That player on the platform will then need to ground pound the red button up here to reverse the air flow of the vertical air nearby. That’s how the player that rode the hose like a bronco gets up to the platform. After this, go into the vacuum hose and traverse over the blocks in water. Go around the corner and jump onto the moving, circular platform when it’s close. Take it to the other side.

Here, there will be another vacuum hose. This vacuum hose has two controllable ends. One player needs to control the far end and aim it up at the red button. The other player must jump into the vacuum hose on the close side and ride the air up to the red button. Ground pound the button and then have the player already on top of a hose move to the other end.

They must aim this hose at the platform with the other red button by this hose. Once it’s aimed, have the player that has already ground-pounded the first red button jump down and get in the vacuum. They’ll ride the air up to the second red button. They need to ground pound it. A new vacuum suction funnel will appear. Both of you must jump into it. When it launches you both into the air, aim for the next air funnel. Ride the air through these funnels until you reach a yellow platform.

Once here, one player will need to hold the door on the left (on the right side beside the fan) so that the other player can pass through safely. The player that passes through must then move the vacuum hose blowing the fan away from the fan so that the player left behind can pass through the fan that’s no longer moving.

With both players in this room, look to the right side (right side of the hose if you’re looking away from the fan). You’ll see some electrical wires that are cut and a button to press. One player must press Y/Triangle to act as a conductor of electricity between the cut wires while the other player presses the button to the right of those wires to actually begin the electrical current.

The player that presses the button must immediately run over to the left and act as a conduit after pressing the button. Once the electricity reaches the second set of cut wires (the player that pressed the button originally should be acting as the conduit between these wires), the player that acted as the first conduit must quickly dash backwards to act as a conduit for a third cut in the wires. Upon successfully allowing the electricity to pass, the vacuum hose will start up.

Jump in and ride the air from funnel to funnel and from hose to hose until you reach a wall. Both players will need to jump from wall side to wall side to reach the top. The game will be 2D for a bit — just follow the path until you reach a red hole in the wall. Crouch down and crawl through this whole.

Out the other side, you’ll find a large fan and a wheel. One player must press Y/Triangle on the wheel and rotate it with the left stick. This causes the fan to start rotating. The other player must stick to one of the three moving platforms on the fan and ride said platform over to the other side.

That player must then head left and climb up some small boxes until they reach an electrical box. Interact with it to cause the fan to rotate on its own.

The player rotating the wheel can now ride the fan across. With both successfully on the other side, you’ll see what can be seen on the left below: some red platforms. When you jump onto one, it switches to the other side so you’ll need to jump from left and right and slightly forward between each platform to reach the other side.

On the other side of those platforms, you’ll see a glass hallway with three vertical air flow cans. There’s a switch in front of the glass side panel. Here’s what you both need to do: One player must be in control of the switch. The switch makes either the outer two vertical air flow cans green (which means they’ll blow air up) and the middle one red (which kills you) or the outer two cans red and the inner one green.

The player not in control of the switch needs to jump to the first vertical air flow when it’s green. While it’s green and while they’re floating on the air, they should jump up and dash across to the next air flow. The player on the switch must press the switch while the other player dashes. This turns the middle can from red, which would kill them, to green, which allows them to float. Repeat this once more to reach the other side.

Now the player that originally did the floating will need to run to the backside (opposite of the switch) to find a switch of their own. Repeat the steps above except now the person who was first in control of the switch will have to do the jumping.

After this, jump onto the first rotating yellow and white platform and then jump from that one to the next one. Jump to the green platform ahead after that. Make your way forward, jumping from wall to wall to climb higher. Follow the path until you see a vacuum hose.

One player must direct the vacuum hose up toward the red button. The other player must jump into the vertical air flow to ride the air through the hose and hopefully out the other end pointed at the red button. That player must ground pound the red button to change the airflow for vertical air stream. Now, the other player can jump into the hose and launch themselves up to the platform with the red button. Both players must walk through the not-working fan and out the other side.

You’ll see what we see below:

Walk forward along the path until you reach the top where the vacuum is. Circle around the vacuum and jump into the vacuum hose. Ride the air to the other end, making sure to aim your May and Cody at the funnels to continue forward. Up top, you’ll see two vertical air streams and a switch.

As you’ve already done before, one player must jump onto the air stream while it’s flowing upward and then jump + dash to the other stream. When that player uses the dash, the other player must pull the switch. This reverses the air streams so that the player can float up and across.

The player that made it across must interact with the vacuum hose on this side and aim it at the moving circle of metal pieces. The player by the switch must jump onto the singular flat platform in that metal circle of pieces and remain crouched while on it. The player with the hose must use the hose to push the circle around to bring that player to them.

Both players should walk forward until they see a red button. Ground pound that button. You’ll see a platform shoot up. The other player needs to go and stand on that platform for the next time the first player ground pounds the red button again. When that happens, the platform will lift up, at which point, the player on it must jump into the vacuum hose.

Right after this, the player that ground poudned the red button must quickly sprint forward and grab the end of the vacuum hose. Aim it up at the platform in front of it. This will shoot the other player onto it. That player must now ground pound their own red button to reverse the flow of air. The first ground pound player must jump into the hose.

When they reach the other end, they’ll see a small electrical box. They should interact with it — a bunch of red balls will fly out. The other player must jump into the only vacuum hose near them. When they reach the other side, they must take control of the hose and aim it at the platform with a mouth-like hole in front of them.

The player back with the red balls must grab the vacuum hose and suck up the red balls. This causes them to fly out the other end that should be aimed at the platform’s mouth by way of the other player. After enough balls fly into the hole, the platform will fall down and the player by it can use it to jump across.

Continue forward until both player reach a block. Push it forward by holding Y/Triangle and a cutscene will begin.

It’s time to face the vacuum.

Boss Fight: Vacuum

The Vacuum is the first boss fight of It Takes Two and it requires complete cooperation between you and your Player 2. When the fight begins, the vacuum will chuck what are basically explosive mines at you. Dodge them and wait — eventually a platform will lift out of the ground. On top is a vacuum hose that can be aimed at the vacuum and on the ground floor is a vacuum that can be aimed around to suck up the explosive mines. One player must aim the top vacuum hose at the vacuum and the other must suck up the mines with the bottom hose. You can knock out about a fourth of the vacuum’s health each time you do this.

After successfully damaging the vacuum, they’ll grow angry and begin to pound the arena. Rings of air will shoot outward as expanding circles. Double jump over them. After this, the mines will return and you’ll need to perform the dual vacuum hose trick once more.

After damaging the vacuum again, they’ll pound the ground even more (continue double jumping to dodge those) and then lace the entire arena with explosive thumbtacks. These tacks are shot down in wide strips. Run away from a strip when it hits the ground and wait for it to explode. When it explodes, jump over to the area it was previously covering as it’s the new safe zone of the arena because more and more tacks will continue to rain down.

Make it through this challenge and the explosive mines will return. Time to damage the vacuum a third time. The only new thing that happens now is the vacuum will begin to launch giant balls of lint at the arena. You’ll see them coming down both in-air and as shadows that grow on the arena floor. Just make sure you aren’t standing in the shadows.

Continue to damage the vacuum as you’ve been doing and continue dodging the vacuum’s attacks listed above until you defeat it. When its health bar is depleted, its two vacuum hose arms will fall to the arena floor.

Both players must grab one with Y/Triangle and aim it at the vacuum’s eyes. Tap Y/Triangle repeatedly to suck the vacuum’s eyes out and cause it to explode. When it explodes, you’ve defeated the vacuum boss. Congrats!

The Depths

You’ve defeated the evil-but-has-a-good-point vacuum boss. You’ve been tossed to The Depths of the shed. Crouch through the hose before you.

In this room, walk forward to the water and double jump to the circular platform floating before. Perform a double jump with a dash at the end to reach the ledge.

Continue forward and open the small door with the other player. A cutscene will begin on the other side and it’s here that you’ll meet a talking hammer and earn a flying nail.

Cody will get a flying nail and May will get a hammer. The hammer can hit things (like a hammer does) by pressing the right trigger and the nail can be thrown by aiming with LT/L2 and thrown with RT/R2. Walk forward and follow the path until you see the bulb sticking out pictured below:

May must hit this with their hammer while Cody is on the other side aiming the nail at a circle the platform May hits will swing over to. When that platform lines up with the circle, shoot the nail into the circle to hold the platform in place. Both of you can now cross over it.

On the other side, May must jump at the nail sticking out of the yellow piece of wood on the wall and hit it with their hammer. They’ll begin swinging back and forth. They need to double jump across the way. On the next platform over, there will be another piece of yellow wood. Cody must shoot their nail at it so May can jump across to it with their hammer.

Follow May’s path along the wall and you’ll find a third yellow piece of wood. Cody must shoot a nail into it so May can cross. Now, May must hit the small yellow circle by the gears repeatedly to bring up a platform for Cody to cross. With the two reunited, May should pluck the nail from the tall piece of yellow wood on the nearby wall. It’s a second nail for Cody.

After this, have May hit the first yellow circle hanging from a rope. Cody must shoot a nail into the circle under the platform that rises when May hits the yellow circle.

This locks the platform into place. Do the same for the platform beside it and climb up these platforms to advance.

May should destroy the glass bottles in the way so the two of you can reach a door that needs to be opened. Both of you must press Y/Triangle on it to open. On the other side, you’ll encounter Dr. Hakim, who will teach you of “minigames,” which are basically the game’s collectibles.

The first one is called Whack-a-Cody.

Minigame: Whack-a-Cody

May will stand on top of the box with her hammer. Cody must get inside the box. Basically, the two of your are playing whack-a-mole. Cody pops up using the left stick and May must aim at Cody and press RT/R2 to hit Cody. May gets two points for each Cody hit.

Cody gets +1 points for every (basically) half-second they remain popped up. Whoever fills their bar at the top of the screen first wins.

There’s no reward for winning other than gloating to the person you’re playing with. That feels good so have at it.

Back to The Depths

Proceed forward when you’re ready and jump up along the rotating gears. Up top, look for the yellow circle and Cody must shoot a nail into it. This will open up the way forward. In the next room over, Cody must shoot both of his nails into two yellow planks of wood. May must jump from nail to nail with her hammer.

She must follow the path along until she reaches a yellow circle to hammer. This will cause a small, square platform to jump up. Cody needs to stand on that platform. It’ll launch him up onto a small pathway and at the end of this pathway is a hanging half-box. When it drops down, Cody must look forward as this dropping motion is raising a gate. Cody needs to shoot a nail into the circle of the gate that’s rising up.

Now he can pass through.

Cody needs to shoot another nail into a circle up ahead so he and May can pass through. On the other side, hang a right when the two of you can and follow the pathway to find the second mini-game of this chapter: Flip the Switch.

Minigame: Flip the Switch

To begin Flip the Switch, Cody must stand on the small square platform with a yellow circle inside and May must hit the bigger yellow circle in front of it. This raises Cody into the air and formally begins the Flip the Switch mini-game.

May must dash around and hit the targets with her hammer to score points. Cody, on the other hand, must shoot the targets with his nail. Whoever fills the score bar first, wins. Like every other mini-game in this game, there is no reward for winning other than the sweet, sweet victory you’ve achieved over the other player.

Back to The Depths

When you’re ready to proceed forward, head down the path you haven’t taken yet. You’ll see what needs to be done. Shoot a nail at the yellow piece of wood for May to jump across and then May needs to hit the big red button. This changes your view into that of a 2D game.

A platform on the bottom moves right and left. May must jump onto it but only after Cody pins it down with a nail. When the dangerous gears on the platform above reach the bottom, Cody needs to recall his nail. This allows May on the platform to move with it as it moves to the left. She must jump to the other platform — Cody can nail it down for her if it helps.

On the other side, May must hit the yellow button with a hammer and launch herself up to a second floor. Cody now must shoot a nail into the swinging yellow piece of wood.

May should attach to it and jump from it to reach the other side. At the very top, Cody must shoot a nail into the first spinning yellow wheel and a second nail into the second spinning yellow piece of wood in roughly the same location.

May must jump from wheel to wheel to reach the other side, at which point, she’ll slide down a slide.

May will find a third nail in a piece of wood nearby. She should then hit a yellow button with her hammer while Cody is on the nearby yellow square. This will launch Cody up and get him one step closer to May.

On the other side, Cody will be met with his own set of dangerous saw blades. May needs to hit the other yellow button nearby while Cody is on it.

This will launch him over the blades. Time for another 2D puzzle. May will be platforming and Cody will be shooting. Your view is what’s pictured below:

Cody can, at any time, shoot three nails into the wall and he can recall any of the three nails he wishes to recall by aiming at them and pressing Y/Triangle. This is critical as we’ll be shooting and recalling nails while May climbs her way up. Shoot a nail into the first and second platforms down low going from right to left. When May is on the second platform, recall the first nail. Shoot a nail into the farthest left circle on the wall to reveal a vertical wall.

May must jump to it and stick to it by holding A/X. Cody should then recall the second nail and shoot it into the circle closest to the wall May is stuck to. Now, May can jump from wall to wall until she reaches the top, at which point, Cody must recall the vertical wall on the right and shoot it into the new circle up top. May can jump from her vertical wall to this new horizontal platform.

From there, shoot into each of the circles on the wall so that May can continue climbing upward until she reaches the top.

May should circle around and destroy the glass bottles by Cody. He can now jump up and proceed forward through the corner (May will have to destroy more glass bottles.)

This brings you back to the beginning of the level — both Cody and May need to press Y/Triangle on the toolbox.

A cutscene will play.

Time for a dashing escape from…an angry toolbox? The toolbox will immediately begin pelting you with nails. Watch for the shadows on the ground — this is where the nails will land. If they hit you, they’ll nail you down and you’ll need to rapidly press Triangle/Y to escape.

Follow the path along until you reach a yellow stub — May should rapidly hit this to reveal a small bridge for Cody to walk across.

May needs to quickly raise the bridge and sprint across it herself.

With both May and Cody on the other side, climb up the shelving and have Cody shoot a nail into the circle in front of you. This reveals a platform. Use it to jump across and prepare for a small platforming gauntlet.

Basically, it’s a moving platform with saw blades going up and down it (more like forwards and backwards). Dodge these saws while jumping forward to reach the other side.

Have May hit the yellow circle with her hammer and have Cody shoot a nail at the platform that subsequently launches into the air. Both Cody and May must then jump to that platform to reach the other side.

Have May hit the bottles in your way to proceed forward. Up ahead, it’s time for a boss fight with the tool box.

Boss Fight: Toolbox

When this fight begins, the Tool Box will litter the platform you’re on with nails. You should be pretty used to dodging them by now considering he’s been throwing them at you since the start of this section. Eventually, one of his arms will swing from right to left. Jump over it and have Cody shoot a nail into the arm when it reaches the left side.

This locks the arm into place. Cody must then shoot his other two nails into the two yellow pieces of wood along his arm. May must use these nails to traverse across his arm and attack his locks with her hammer on the other side. After destroying one, the tool box will catapult May back to Cody.

This time, the toolbox will pull a hole saw out and drill large holes into the platform both of you are on, all while you’re dodging nails coming from the sky. After a couple of holes, the drill saw will shoot out two horizontal saw blades and spin. Jump over these, making sure to dodge the nails and avoid the holes.

After this, the tool box’s arm will come for you again, at which point you should repeat the above to have May reach the other side. She must destroy the second lock.

After a short cutscene, May’s hammer will be slightly destroyed, but the cutscene will place emphasis on a red and white can. Cody is going to need to shoot said can to make it explode. What’s going to happen is the tool box’s other arm will slam down onto the platform you’re on. Dodge it until it stays on the platform. Cody must stand on the hand section and May must hit the yellow circle to launch him into the air.

This will give him the vantage point to shoot at the red and white can.

It will take about three rotations of this to destroy the can and ultimately, the toolbox. In between those times, the toolbox will utilize two new moves: one sees a circular saw cut off parts of the platform you’re on, effectively giving you less space to run around, and the second will see the arm spin like a horizontal ferris wheel — jump over it to avoid taking damage.

A cutscene will begin when you defeat the tool box and you’ll learn that all the tools inside are now much happier now that they’re no longer stuck inside the rusty tool box. Congrats!

Wired Up

Press RB on the nearby rail.

If you’ve played Ratchet and Clank, this next part is about to be really nostalgic. Basically, you’ll be riding the rails forward. You will need to press A/X to jump over obstacles (that kill you, otherwise) and RB/R1 to jump to other rails beside you.

Eventually, you’ll reach rails charged with electricity. Dodge the moving jolt on the rail by pressing RB/R1 to move to a different, safer rail.

When you reach a point where you’re back on stable land with May and Cody, you’ll see a giant fan and an electrical device with two green lights.

In this area are two rails: Cody must jump on one at the same time that May jumps on the other. This allows both people to reach a switch at the end of the rail at the same time — hit the switch with Y/Triangle to overload the electrical device on the fan.

Now, Cody and May can pass through the fan. You’ll need to ride the next set of rails at the same time, making sure to hit the switches as you pass by, to advance forward along the rails.

At the end of the railing, Cody and May will be on a shovel. Both of you must ground pound the shovel at the same time.

When you do it correctly, a cutscene will begin — you’ll meet talking binoculars during this scene.

Head to the next page of this guide — The Tree — to continue this walkthrough: The Tree.

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