Taking the pulse of Tunisia’s democracy

    The president is consolidating power. What does it mean for Tunisia? Tunisia has a new prime minister, the first woman in the Arab world to hold the job. She is replacing the prime minister whom President Kais Saied sacked in July when he suspended parliament. Many Tunisians, fed up with political parties and an economic crisis, though that was the right move – but others called it a coup, and the question has lingered. As Saied continues to consolidate power, are these steps off the road to democracy, or will they make Tunisia’s democracy stronger?

Who is Najla Romdhane, Tunisia’s first female prime minister?

Najla Bouden Romdhane has been named Tunisia’s first female prime minister, two months after President Kais Saied assumed executive authority, sacked the prime minister, and suspended parliament. Romdhane, 63, was assigned on Wednesday to form a new government amid growing domestic and international discontent about the president’s power seizure. News Mobilization Network

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