Stray is getting a physical edition in September

As well as an exclusive edition from iam8bit

One of the most intriguing games of the summer is an adventure starring a cat — being, well, a cat — in a human-less city. Stray releases digitally for PS4, PS5, and PC on July 19, but if you’re looking to pick up a physical copy, that’s coming later. You’ve got two options.
The most basic physical edition of Stray on PS4/PS5 is due on September 20, for $40, and there’s also an iam8bit exclusive edition for $45 that’s shipping in Q4 2022.
According to iam8bit, pre-orders for the standard retail edition of Stray will “start to open up this week,” so keep an eye on your preferred retailer. The exclusive edition, however, is up for grabs today with no deadline to worry about yet — it’s an “open pre-order.”
Here’s what comes in the (slightly pricier) box:

Stray Exclusive Edition contents
The physical Exclusive Edition of Stray for PS4/PS5.

Stray‘s exclusive edition has a matte black sleeve, a 14.4″ x 24″ poster featuring our inquisitive hero, a “fuzzy, pettable” chenille patch, and six art cards.
Something else to keep in mind: digital copies will normally cost $30 (though there’s currently a 10 percent off discount on Steam), and Stray will also be playable at no extra cost on PS4/PS5 if you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium.
I’m glad the wait isn’t too long for the physical version, as that can be a frequent concern. Best case, maybe you can check out the game with PS Plus Extra to see if it’s worth adding to your shelf, without needing to fully double-dip (or wait until September).
Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio recently posted a “spoiler-free introduction to Stray,” if you’re curious to see a bit more about the game and its world. This knocking-stuff-over tweet is also another biggie — I feel like it sums up the game’s whole vibe.

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