Samsung Releases ‘Space Tycoon’ On Metaverse Platform Roblox

Samsung, in the official newsroom post announced the launch of Space Tycoon, which is a metaverse based virtual playground targeted towards the Gen Z crowd.
The metaverse based gaming experience has been built on the Roblox world.

In this virtual space, users will be able to create and play games along with that they can also share their experiences using products with alien avatars in space.
The gaming metaverse will showcase a space where other Samsung products can be made by choosing the fundamental components. Users shall also be able to shop in-game items through a built in shop.
The Space Tycoon experience is also created in order for users to engage by being a part of the space station which will provide them resources to design and produce Samsung products.
This experience has been curated by the Samsung team to capture the younger generation’s attention which shall also provide them with an opportunity to learn about the brand and the products it offers.

Features Of Space Tycoon On Metaverse Platform Roblox

Space Tycoon, which is a virtual playground is a new space for users who have previously been a part of metaverse platform Roblox. Users in Space Tycoon will be able to meet new people and also share different experiences with one another.
The Space Tycoon is designed in a way where there is a Space station and a laboratory. In this setting, alien characters are able to conduct research and mix different ingredients in order to make a new product in the Lab Zone.
There are some products which are able to be found in the Mining Zone. These items include smartphones, TVs, watches and many other virtual items.
Executive Vice President at Corporate Design Center In Samsung Electronics, Jinsoo Kim mentioned,

We wanted to give our Gen Z customers a chance to experience Samsung products in a way they have never done before. We will continue to showcase content that can deliver more meaningful and entertaining digital experiences for both our current and future customers.

Samsung And Metaverse

Samsung has ventured into the metaverse environment through involvement in many software encounters. Most of these experiences are inclined towards gaming and entertainment. Samsung has been working to develop projects within the space after collaborating with many partners within the metaverse world.
Samsung launched an NFT platform in partnership with Nifty Gateway which is popular NFT marketplace. Nifty Gateway will let Samsung use the platform to offer the NFTs through Samsung smart TVs.  Samsung has also dedicated resources and efforts into areas where the focus is directed to uplift metaverse-based platforms.
Earlier this year in April, Samsung participated in the Series A funding round for Doubleme. Doubleme is a Korean based metaverse company. The company in January also launched its store in Decentraland which is a popular metaverse.

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