Olivia Matson Missing – help to establish

Olivia Matson Missing: Olivia Matson’ s mother, talked about how her young lady evaporated surprisingly. She said her young lady was taken from our home in Homer on Sunday 6/20/21 at around 5:00 am.

Olivia was depicted as 5’6 1/2, weighs around 180-188, glasses, dim/faint zipper ear rings, Nike slides white/blue/green, dim laid out glasses with white as an untimely idea gatherings.

Her mother moreover said “She has no idea about the man she is with. This isn’t typical direct for her in any way shape or form. All we know is she is with a male and was going to cortland. At any rate last night around 11:03pm she finally turned her phone on and educated me attempting to say they had been driving the whole day and she treasured me (her mom).

She educated various partners on Snapchat saying she was fine, she moved out and to stop focusing and illuminating her Snapchat. All most that heap of colleagues contacted me and said they understand it wasn’t Olivia educating them. Merciful if it’s anything but a difficult situation, assist me with finding my young lady. She left behind her enthusiastic assistance canine additionally and they are rarely isolated, detest my daughter, she treasures her canine staggering”

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