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The Octopath Traveler Wiki Guide covers the Walkthrough for all 8 Characters, including Maps for every area, detailed stats and for Bosses, Side Stories and much more. Players can swap between stories at will, and can take all 8 travelers on each once all have been met. The game allows players to equip multiple Jobs for use in battle, and each of the 8 travelers has their own unique Talents for battle, and Path Actions (skills used outside of battle to interact in the world in different ways). Check out the individual Characters pages for more information on these abilities.

Octopath Traveler is a story that spans across 8 Characters, and our Walkthrough is dedicated to each of their stories as it spans across the world, and the many Side Stories you can find along the way.

The Side Stories section is broken up by area. Fulfill tasks for people after collecting the area’s character and you can make money and unlock cool stuff.

Getting Started

Jumping into the world of Octopath Traveler can be daunting with its 8 characters and story lines, start with our Things Octopath Traveler Doesn’t Tell You when you begin your journey.

Learn more about the Jobs each character can encompass, and how to learn secondary Jobs as well – and view our Equipment page for information on Weapons and Armor – and where to find them.



We have included maps for every game area in the Walkthrough so you won’t miss any treasure chests. When you start in 1 of 8 different starting locations, knowing your geography is important. Check out our World Map as you venture out into the world.

Job Shrines are dungeons that allow you to assign new, secondary Jobs to characters. High level dungeons for Secret Jobs also exist:

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