News: Who See Dreams?

Ibn Jiibir Sulaiman bin Amir Al-Kala’i related that Abu Umama Al-Bahili had told him: “I heard God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, say: ‘Two men came to me in a dream, They took me near a pathless mountain that is difficult to cross and said to me: ‘Climb!’ I replied: ‘It is difficult, and I cannot climb it.’ They said: ‘We will make it easy for you.’ Thus, we commenced our ascent. As we reached the middle of our climb, I heard loud yowling like that of dogs. I asked: ‘What is that sound?’ They replied: ‘This is the cry of the dwellers of hell-fire.’ We continued our climb, and I saw people hanging from the tendons of their heels. I asked: ‘Who are these people?’ They replied: ‘These people are the ones who break their fast before the due time.’ We then continued our climb, and I saw people whose bodies are swollen, and their stench is similar to that of feces, I asked: ‘Who are these people?’ They replied: ‘These are the adulterers.’ As we continued, I saw little children playing between two rivers. I asked: ‘Who are these children?’ They replied: ‘They are the progeny of Muslims.’ Then I saw three people from a distance. I asked: ‘Who are these people?’ They replied: ‘These are Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, upon them be peace, and they are awaiting you.”’
True dreams also can be seen by unbelievers. It is related that Pharaoh once saw in a dream a fire that had ignited in Syria. This fire kept on expanding until it reached Egypt, where it burned and destroyed every house and farm of the land, Pharaoh woke up scared. He called every dream interpreter in the land and asked them to explain the meaning of his dream. One of the interpreters said: “If your dream is true, it means that a descendent from the family of Jacob will be born, who will bring about your destruction and that of Egypt.” Immediately, Pharaoh ordered his soldiers to kill every newborn in the land. Despite all of Pharaoh’s precautions, Moses was born in God’s protection and fulfilled God’s Will. God Almighty commanded the mother of Moses by inspiration: “Behold! We told thy mother, by inspiration: ”’Place the child into the chest and throw the chest into the river. The river will cast him up to the bank, and he will be taken up by one who is an enemy to Me, and an enemy to him.’” (Qur’an 20:39)

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