News: What is Medically forbidden about At-tila (thick grapes juice)

        Eating Raisins (dried grapes) is a healthy meal, removes tiredness, cools the anger, gives strength, makes food sweet-smelling, reduces phlegm, brightens the face, strengthens the organs, improves mood, increases good smell in breath & removes sorrow (grief). It relieves fever & cough & lungs infection. Good for digestion and constipation. Those who take 21 Raisins (dried grapes) daily, will be free from all diseases which give rise to inferior complex. Eat Raisins but remove its seeds because there is an ailment (in it) & there is a cure in the inner pulp. Narrated by Saeed Bin Al-Musayyab(R.A) that “When At-tila’ (thickened grape juice) has been cooked & reduced to one-third (by boiling), then there is nothing wrong with it”. (Nasa’i: H.5726) Hazrat Ibn Umar(R.A) reported that he was forbidden to prepare The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) by mixing unripe dates & fresh dates & dates with grapes. (Muslim: H.4911) It is also narrated that The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) said: “Do not mix raisins & dried dates, nor Busr (fresh unripened dates) & Tamar (dried dates)”. (Nasa’i: H. 5557) Hazrat Ibn Abbas(R.A) narrated that The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) forbade the mixing of dates & grapes together & mixing of unripe dates & ripe dates together (for preparing The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) & he wrote to the people of Jerash (in Yemen) forbidding them to prepare the mixture of dates & grapes (raisins). (Muslim: H.4910) Reason to Forbade Grape juice has recently been found to be an important source of Flavonoids that can lower the risk for cancer, lower cholesterol, prevent the hardening of the arteries and fight heart disease. In 1996 scientists noticed that although the French ate four times more butter and lard than Americans and had higher cholesterol and blood pressure that they had two and a half times fewer incidences of heart attacks. The general public was thrilled when the conclusion was finally made that the Flavonoids in red wine were responsible. (wine is Haram), However, a recent finding says that grape juice contains the same Flavonoids and nutrients as red wine (in about half the concentration) with none of the undesired side effects of alcohol.
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