News: Turkey introduced atmospheric spectacular social complexes concept after post-pandemic

Socialists have proposed impressive new socializing centers that may transform the way people speak life.

There’s a new way of hanging out in Istanbul as two magnificent social and entertainment complexes, one on the Asian and the other on the European side of the city, are offering exercise and art workshops, musical, theatrical performances, and open-air dining, as well as showcasing new kinds of museums.
Müze Gazhane is a spectacular new complex in Kadıköy’s Hasanpaşa neighborhood that offers a combination of art, culture, and physical activities in a renovated historical gasworks building. The Hasanpaşa Gazhanesi was Istanbul’s last gasworks facility that operated for 101 years since its establishment in 1891. Closed down in 1993, the historical gashouse has been completely renovated to create a new “living area” and meeting ground for Istanbulites with a penchant for arts and culture.
Situated on an area of 32,000 square meters (344,445 square feet) and containing multiple indoor and outdoor venues and dining establishments.
Just to give you an idea of how innovative and impressive this new complex is, there is a Climate Museum (Iklim Müzesi), a Caricatures and Humor Museum (Karikatür ve Mizah Müzesi), a Children’s Science Center (Çocuk Bilim Merkezi), a library by the name of late veteran architect Afife Batur – the advisor to Müze Gazhane’s transformation project, the Gazhane Gallery and two municipal theaters and a concert hall, as well as the İstanbul Kitapçısı book store.
There are also a number of cafes plus various quiet, and not so quiet, workspaces. Müze Gazhane also hosts multiple daily workshops on a variety of subjects like fitness, arts, cooking, and children’s activities. The most important feature of this new-wave socializing complex is the enormous open space in the facility’s courtyard, which hosts top-notch performances under the stars.
The fact that it is housed in a facility belonging to an industry that used to burn fossil fuels is especially apropos, as its sole purpose now is to inform, create awareness and seek solutions to this pressing global problem. The Children’s Science Center consists of three different sections of exhibitions showcasing 24 pieces, as well as a workshop space and a play area for children, all of which are centered on the theme of understanding the processes involved in producing energy and how to best utilize them.
One of the most exciting new additions to the city, brought to us by this magnificent new complex, is a library and workspace that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Yet another enticing feature is the inclusion of a Caricature and Humor Museum, which showcases a curated collection of caricatures drawn by artists. There are also seven sculptures located in the facility’s spacious green garden. They were created using waste materials from the Haliç Tersanesi shipyard. For those with wheels, there is an enclosed parking garage. Just remember that the museums are closed on Mondays.
For dining and socializing a new social atmosphere should emerge all over the social world.

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