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Here we get other references of wisdom and knowledge also can be found in the saying of God’s Prophet, upon who is peace when he said about women: “Be careful about the glass pitchers.” He also said: “A woman is created from man’s rib.” Also from the sayings of Jesus son of Mary, upon whom be peace, when he spoke of sleep using a simile saying: ”Those who sleep in death will also be raised.” (Corinthians 15.20). About parables, he said: “I will use parables when I speak of them.” (Mark 4.34). About the parable of the hereafter he said: “A man who is looking for fine pearls and when he finds one that is unusually fine, he goes and sells everything he has and buys that pearl.” (Matthew 13.45).
At another time, he used a metaphor of the doctor and the sick person in comparison with the gnostic and the sinner. He said: “The doctor comes to heal not those who are healthy, but those who are sick.” After the passing of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, Abu Huraira, God be pleased with him, heard someone say: “The Anti-Christ is out!”Abu Huraira replied: “The dyers are lying about the true color of their hides.” In other usages of metaphors, similes, and synonyms, dream interpreters used the meaning of disbelief to connote a cover-up and the meaning of forgiveness to denote veiling. When speaking of injustice in a dream, they used the expression: “Putting things in the wrong place”, etcetera.
Finally, if one wishes to see a true dream that will reflect his innermost being and true state, he should go to sleep abluted, rest on his right side, then pray: “Lord, I place my soul in Thy Hand; I turn my face toward Thee; I entrust my affairs to Thy command; I take refuge in Thee to protect me from all sides. Lord, I turn wholeheartedly toward Thee, desiring Thy blessings and fearing Thy punishment. I have no refuge to seek from Thee except in Thee. I believe in the Book Thou revealed and the Prophet Thou sent. Blessed Thou art in the heavens and on earth. Lord, Thou art the rich, and we are the poor who are in need of Thy help and blessings. Lord, I ask forThy forgiveness, and I repent unto Thee. My Lord and cherisher, I ask Thee to let me see a true vision, not a false dream; a blessed and happy vision, not a sorrowful dream and a vision that will benefit my soul and does no harm to it.”
In the morning, when one’s wish is granted, he should praise God Almighty and thank Him. After performing one’s dawn (Fajr) prayers, one should seek a Shaikh to interpret and explain the meaning of his dream and, most certainly, he should accept and comply with his views The Soul and The Self Who sees the dream, the soul or the self? People are divided in opinion concerning the subject of the soul (ral!) and the self tnafe), Some say that they are both the same thing (e.g., man and human being), while others hold a different view. The first group argues that the self (nafs) means blood. For example, the Arabs say: “Nafasat-il mar’a,” when a woman discharges blood during her menstrual period. Also when a woman gives birth they say: “Nafsa,” because of the blood discharge that accompanies the delivery of a newborn. They also argue that blood is the only thing that leaves the body of a deceased person.
Thus, when referring to death, they used the term: “Siilat nafsuhu,” meaning his blood was exuded or that he died. Also in the English language, one can find the term ‘bloodless’ to mean dead. In this sense, the term nafs is used in the Arabic language to mean life or blood. Others argued that the nature of the (real!) soul is cold and that the nature of the nafs) selfies warm. That is why, in their opinion, there was a need to blow the soul into the body to animate it and to give life to it. The Arabs also called the act of blowing, ‘Rull.’ They say: “taha riihan,” meaning blew life into it or gave life to it. In this sense, to blow into the fire means to ignite it, and to blow the soul into the dead bodies means to resurrect them or to make them rise from the dead. Thus, in their opinion, the soul means life. Another group of people considered the soul to be a light spirit, while others may call it an angel or a spirit.

However, despite people’s attempts to ascertain such opinions, God Almighty has kept the meaning of the soul in His sole knowledge as He says: ”They ask thee about the soul. Say: ‘The soul comes by command of my Lord, and of knowledge, you were given only a little.” (Qur’an 17:85)

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