News: The Power in Dream and its interpretation

Abdullah bin Miilik AI-Klluzii’i once related: “I worked as a guard serving at the palace of the Caliph Haroon Al-Rashid. In the middle of one night, a messenger came and ordered me to appear before the Caliph at once. He did not even allow me to change my sleeping garment. I was struck with great fear. When we came before the Caliph, I was given permission to enter, and I saw him sitting on his bed and pondering something that appeared weighty. My fear increased. I paid my regards and waited for a long time. I prayed as I was shivering from fear waiting for a longer pause.
Suddenly, the Caliph said to me: ‘O Abdullah, do you know why I called for you?’ I replied: ‘Nay, O Prince of the believers.’ He added: ‘I saw in a dream as though a fierce-looking man came and pointed a spear at my chest and said: ‘Either you free Musa bin Ja’afar at once, or I will put this spear through your heart.’ I replied: ‘O Prince of the believers, Let Musa bin Ja’afar go.’ I repeated this thrice. The Caliph then said to me: ‘Go and free him from prison at once, and give him three thousand Dirham as a gift. Furthermore, tell him that should he likes to stay in this town, he is welcome, and we shall honor him. Otherwise, should he prefer to go to Medina, he has permission to do so.”
Abdullah bin Malik Al-Khuza’i went at once, and delivered the Message of the Caliph, and gave the man the three thousand Dirham, then added: “You are a wonder. Tell me what happened!” Musab bin Ja’afar replied: “I will tell you. Last night, I was between sleep and wakefulness when God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, came to me and said: O Musa, you have been unjustly imprisoned.” He added: “Say these prayers, and you will not sleep tonight in jail.” I replied: “I beseech thee by my mother and my father, O Messenger of God, what should I pray?” God’s Prophet upon whom be peace, replied: “Say: ‘O Lord Who hears every single sound, Whose act of mercy precedes every bound, Who clothe the bones with flesh and resurrects the people after death, I ask Thee by the glory and holiness of Thy Beautiful Names. I call upon Thee by Thy most glorious, magnificent, preserved, and all-encompassing name which no one of Thy creation knows. 0 Lord, Thou art the Most Forbearing and Most Patient, have mercy on one who has no more strength to bear his sufferings. O Lord whose generosity never ceases and Whose gifts cannot be reckoned, Lord, free me.”’ Musa added: “This is the result of what you witnessed.”
When Um Jareer bin AI-Khatfi was pregnant, she saw in a dream that she gave birth to a long braided rope of black hair. A soon as the rope fell from her womb, it began to go from one man to another and strangle them. Um-Jareer woke up scared from her dream. The next day, she related the dream to a dream interpreter who told her: ”You will give birth to a son who will grow to be a famous poet. His poetry will incur evil, hardships, vigorousness, and disdain.”When she gave birth to a boy, she called him Jareer, meaning a pulling rope in Arabic.

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