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What is lawful and unlawful in this book does not only represent the legal or illegal, the permissible and the impermissible but rather treats the same in a religious sense.
For example, usury (lending of money for excessive interest) is unlawful.
The quality of humankind in a dream may be represented by the innate character of the like creations.
Thus, a beneficial bird may mean a praiseworthy person;
A beast represents the like quality in man; an elephant represents arrogance;

A harvest projecting a particular person denotes human qualities of a lesser magnitude, etcetera.

In the past, people also used dream interpretation as a tool to understand diseases, to find cures from their interpretations, to discover spiritual guidance, and to provide a psychological analysis of their condition. Example: Medicine: (Drug; Alcohol.)
In a dream, medicine means correcting oneself or fulfilling one’s religious requirements. (See Grapes; Medicine). Based on traditional medicine, dream interpretation also emphasizes and educates the public on using certain herbal medicine for their illness by eating seeds and herbs from plants such as pumpkin, cucumber, eggplant, sweet basil, chard, onion, cabbage, Indian corn, and melon seeds, etcetera. As for distilled farm water, or from water lily, or distilled water from similar flowers, they represent medicinal remedies, profits, celebrations, and weddings. (See Distilled water). King in the old traditions is substituted here with the noun ruler, governor, mayor, supervisor, or similar commonly adopted terms in today’s usage. Though in Eastern traditions king in a dream is sometimes interpreted by relative nouns such as lion, notable, or luminary, etcetera.
Blessings connote good, goods, money, health, the five senses, wife, husband, children, property, friends, and any worldly benefits the human being enjoys and takes for granted.
In a dream, a soldier represents one’s deeds while the enemy may represent one’s poor qualities. A spool represents the element of religious life. Religion means a way of life.
Of course, it is connected with faith, though religion is incumbent upon every person while faith is an endowment or a divine gift based on one’s performance of his or her religious obligations. In a way, the parable of religion is like that of a laborer who whether he likes it or not, has to wake up in the morning to reach his work, collect his wages and pay his rent and expenses.
Otherwise, his employer will dismiss him, his landlord will evict him, his family will be dispersed and he will lose respect. The same thing goes for being a law-abiding citizen. Hence, honor and status in a society depend on hard work, loyalty, devotion, and servitude.
Thus we can understand how religion is a must and faith is a gift. Religion carries laws that are established by God Almighty and relate to the original covenant between our Lord and his creation. God’s attributes and promises are always fulfilled and religious commitment is man’s share of duties. Man’s increased gratitude and devotion may, God willing, entitle him to further endowments and his sincere love for his Lord may qualify him for a reward. In many instances, elements in a dream may mean the opposite. Some of the elements must be approximated to construct a closer interpretation of one’s dream.
Business for instance may be connected to one’s, a king or a ruler to one’s supervisor or boss, etcetera. On the other hand, the elements themselves define their innate nature. To interpret one’s dream from this dictionary one must connect the elements and establish their pertinence.
For example, in a dream, ritual impurity (Junub; Janaba) indicates that one is avoiding certain obligations. According to Islamic traditions, one must have ablution when pursuing any interest. Another example, building an edifice from plaster or backed brick encrusted with pictures or forms in a dream means engaging in an unlawful or a deceitful act, for a wall of plaster or gypsum drywall carries no strength and has a short life, particularly under the rain.
Another example, Kite: (Small hawk). In a dream, it means an insouciant or languorous ruler who is audacious, defiled, and stouthearted. This interpretation came from the innate nature of the bird itself which flies low and close to the ground and rarely misses its catch. Understanding the nature of a kite helped the interpreter in this case to discuss such elements of a dream. It is said in Eastern traditions that man gets very little from a kite if he uses it for hunting.
Finally, interpreting dreams helps to put things in perspective. It recognizes their nature through scrutinizing and examining their effects in one’s heart with analytical wisdom.

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