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One’s subconscious understanding of the dream is what counts. The dream interpreter must work with it.
Let’s suppose that one sees a snake and thinks that it is a frog in the dream! Then the interpretation will be based on the meaning of the frog. Similarly, if one sees a frog, and thinks that it is a snake in his dream, then this is what counts in the interpretation of his dream.
Interpreting dreams is a process of analyzing the nature of things and their opposing possibilities, connecting their roots, and assembling the fragments of one’s thoughts to better understand his or her real condition. In a dream, one may see things that may connote equilibrium or the opposite, while his passive and inert participation urges him to examine the elements and awaken his consciousness.
Sometimes, the elements themselves may be opaque or unclear. In this case, if one recognizes a person in the dream, perhaps the name of that person, or his trade, or his look, or the meaning of the individual letters of his name, or their combined numerological value, etcetera, may provide a clue to the meaning of one’s dream. For example: Selling grains and not seeing the return or money in a dream means ascetic detachment, and gratitude to one’s Lord, for the real price of things is gratitude. Castle in a dream meal. “Sing the vehicle of truth”. That is the origin of the proverb: “Truth is a castle.”
According to eastern inner traditions, fever represents atonement for one’s sins. Suffering one day from a feverish chill is atonement for three hundred and sixty-five days of sins. Death is the final phase of practicing one’s religion in this world. Shrouding the dead after washing the body means washing it from its impurities. In a dream, one’s enemy represents Satan, drugs, alcohol, weaknesses, attachment to the world, sexual indulgences, pride, arrogance, anger, perfidy, jealousy, envy, hatred, impatience, differences, injustice, crimes, hunger, thirst, desires, loves for women, attachment to the world, love for fame, admiring oneself, belittling others, cheating, stealing, bigotry, fanaticism, obstinacy, narrow-mindedness, affectation, idling, cunning hypocrisy, ostentatiousness, blatancy, blasphemy, excessiveness, haste, dishonesty, immodesty, trials, tribulations, distress, agony, misery, afflictions, wife, son, brother, mistress, worldly ambitions, apostasy, loneliness, anguish, despair, sorrows, pain, carnality, cruelty, antipathy, carelessness, selfishness, forgetting about one’s covenant with God Almighty; etcetera, all of which are within oneself.

To reach a close interpretation of one’s dream and from studying what each element may connote, one should mostly look at the positive side first and eliminate the negative. One should also refrain from editing his own dream, or using other than the first words that come from his mouth, and he should search accordingly. One also should research the possible different appellations of each word or element.

Draw a tree of words, and then try to bring together a close understanding of the dream. However, one should definitely find a man of wisdom, or a sheikh or a known dream interpreter to help him put together any missing elements or even explain hidden meanings in one’s dream, when possible. For example, if a righteous person sees himself standing before God Almighty in a dream, his dream means attainment of divine mercy and receiving guidance. If an ungodly person sees that, then his dream means a warning of severe punishment. God Almighty refers to “A day when all mankind will stand before the Lord of the universes.” (Qur’an 83:6).
One also can find solid references to dream interpretations from the Holy Qur’an, its firm wisdom, parables, and clear meanings. For example, when God Almighty spoke of unity, He said: “And hold fast to the rope of God.” (Qur’an 3:103). When He spoke of women, He said: “As if they were delicate eggs which are closely guarded.” (Qur’an 37:49).
When He spoke of the hypocrites, God Almighty said: “Worthless as hollow propped up pieces of timber.” (Qur’an 63:4). About kings, God Almighty says: ”When kings enter a country, they despoil it.” (Qur’an 27:34). About backbiting, He says: ”Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?”(Qur’an 49:12).

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