News: Ministers could back bid to cut number of animals killed without being stunned



MP plans amendment to kept animals bill to reduce non-stun slaughters while protecting religious rights.

Ministers are considering backing a Tory MP’s bid to cut the number of animals slaughtered without being stunned while protecting religious rights to halal.

Chris Loder, an animal welfare advocate, is planning to lay an amendment to the new kept animals bill, which would be aimed at reducing the number of animals killed for meat without being stunned first.

The bid to change the law is being considered by ministers, with the environment minister saying there are ways of cutting down non-stun slaughter without jeopardizing religious rights.

She said: “On stunning … when we go back to parliament, I am doing something called the kept animals bill … I have also been told there is likely to be an amendment that will deal with stunning … We have to go very sensitively on this. We will go very sensitively on this. It is not the government’s policy. It will be a backbencher amendment.

“We will have to make sure the rights of different religions to eat the meat they want to eat is still available. But there are ways of doing that so you slaughter to order. You don’t slaughter unnecessarily large amounts of animals without stunning. So we are determined if the bill is amended in the way that it might be to have this discussion in a sensitive and grown-up way.”

Animal rights campaigners have long campaigned for an outright ban on animal welfare grounds, but the government did not include changes to non-stun slaughter in recent animal welfare bills.

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