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Three Main Kinds

  1. Glad tidings from God Almighty, and this is what is called a true dream.
  2. From the accursed Satan. This type represents false and confused dreams because it is not befitting the accursed one to advise or warn people. Once a man came to God’s Prophet (PBUH) and said: “0 Messenger of God! I saw my head rolling before me, and I saw myself running after it and seeking it in the dream.” God’s Prophet (PBUH) replied: “Do not talk about Satan’s chicanery.”
  3. Dreams that reflect one’s personal thoughts. One may see himself sitting with his beloved; or if one is afraid of something, he may see it in a dream; or if he goes to bed hungry, he may see himself eating or vomiting; or if one sleeps under the sun he may see himself burning in hell-fire; or if he has an ailment, he may see himself in a dream suffering or being tortured, etcetera.

As For False Dreams

There are seven kinds of false dreams.

  1. Confusing dreams: dreams which are caused by distress, exaggerated hopes, and personal thoughts.
  2. The second type represents sexual dreams that require one to take a ritual ablution (ghusul) if they end in the ejection of semen and they have no interpretation.
  3. The third type represent warnings by Satan or scary dreams where they end in a no-win situation.
  4. The fourth type represents dreams that are driven by the sorcery of jinn spirits, or their illusions, and they are judged as vain.
  5. The fifth type is a dream which is shown by satan, and this type is not considered to be a dream.
  6. The sixth type is driven by one’s own mind and desire when one is confused or under stress.
  7. The seventh type of false dream is one that is caused by pain and suffering from a physical ailment.

As for the True Dreams

There are five kinds of true dreams.

  1. A clear vision of a truthful person that takes place exactly as seen in one’s dream. This is the type that is considered to represent one of forty-six branches of a prophecy, including the dream of God’s Prophet (PBUH) entering Mecca or the dream of God’s prophet Abraham sacrificing his son. A dream interpreter once said: “Blessed is he who sees a true dream, for they come directly from God Almighty and without an intermediary.”
  2. The second category includes a direct warning or a reprimand from God Almighty. God’s Prophet (PBUH) once said: “The best of dreams are the ones where you see your Lord, or your prophet, or your Muslim parents.” Someone asked: “0 Messenger of God, can one see his Lord?” He replied: “The king represents God, and God is the king in one’s dream.”
  3. The third category is a dream that is shown to you by the angel of dreams, and his name is Siddiqun. This blessed angel may come into one’s dream and, by God’s leave, reveal some of what God Almighty taught him or made known to him from what is written in the Preserved Tablet. God Almighty also has taught him to give parables and how to tell stories one can understand.
  4. The fourth category represents dreams of allegories, apotheosis, or symbols one can decipher. This type comes through good spirits or blessed souls, such as if an angel comes and says: “Your wife wants to poison you at the hand of your friend so-and-so.” In this case, the angel or the blessed soul has indirectly indicated that one’s friend is having a secret affair with one’s wife, for adultery requires a covert scheme, and poison connotes disguise.
  5. The fifth category of true dreams is one that includes a true witness. In it, such a witness will manifest a prevailing presence in the dream, such as seeing oneself beating a drum, or playing a string instrument inside a mosque or a place of worship. In this case, it may mean repenting in public for one’s sins. The witness element here represents the opposite of what the person sees, such as seeing oneself dancing, or reading the Qur’an inside a bathhouse. In this case, it means that he will be involved in a scandal, and his reputation will be defiled, for a bathhouse is a public place, where one’s privacy may be infringed upon if he is not careful about his conduct therein. Children’s dreams are also true, for Joseph was seven years of age when he saw his dream with his brethren. The dream of a woman during her menstrual period also can be true, for some religions do not see it necessary for a woman to take a ritual ablution in order to perform her prayers.

The prophet Daniel, upon whom be peace, explained that the angel of dreams Siddiqiin is a colossal angel. The distance between his shoulders and his earlobe equals seven hundred years of walking. The parable of this angel is like that of the sun. Once it rises, things can be seen with clarity. By God’s leave, he teaches the true believers, guides them, and explains some of their hidden destiny, whether it is good or bad, in this world or in the hereafter. When he brings a warning or disturbing piece of news in a dream, it is intended to help one cross such adversity with clarity, determination, and without distress when it takes place. Such a true dream usually takes place within a couple of days from seeing it. The best of such dreams are seen before daybreak and during daylight.
Ja’afar Al-Sadiq (PBUH), God bless his soul once said
“A true dream is one that is seen during a mid-day nap.”

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