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Dreams are Divine gift to inspired prophets, holy persons, and insightful sages.

Dreams are messengers to us. They are voices from our collective subconscious, warners of deep inner disturbance in the individual psyche, bearer of glad tidings of good things to come, or echoes of happy or sad and long-hidden memories. As messengers, dreams are often prophetic voices of the future. Hence, they have at times directed the course of the history of nations. The dream of the prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son, his obedience to the Divine Will, and his willingness to submit in absolute faith to God made him the first true Muslim and the father of prophets.
The true interpretation of the dreams of the king of Egypt by the prophet Joseph saved both the Egyptians and the children of Israel from famine and death. The dreams of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), upon him and all the prophets of God be peace and blessings, marked the beginning of his revelation, the noble Qur’an which changed the face of human history and civilization.
Although dreams belong to the domain of personal experience, they are a universal phenomenon and thus have played a crucial role in the formation of human culture. Throughout recorded human history, dreams and the interpretation of dreams have inspired sages and prophets, poets and kings, as well as the most creative psychologists/philosophers of our day. This fact has for long been recognized by the sages and prophets of traditional cultures and religions.
Not all dreams, however, are either true or authentic. Those of the prophets and friends (awliya’s) of God are Divine revelations, true and sacred. The dreams of pious men and women are almost always true and meaningful. Some dreams come from Satan, and are thus misleading. Others may be caused by physical or psychological problems such as stomach discomfort or emotional disturbance. It is therefore important to distinguish true dreams from empty fantasies, and inspired dreams from satanic insinuations.

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