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A disciple of Husain Al-Halllij once asked his teacher about the meaning of generosity. Al-Halllij was killed before telling his disciple the answer. One night, the disciple was depressed. In a dream, it appeared to him as though the Day of Judgment was established, and that people stood before their Lord awaiting their reckoning. Then he saw Husain Al-Halllij sitting on a seat made from gold and encrusted with jewels and sapphires. He also saw the scholars who signed the decree to kill Al-Halllij standing before him with humiliation. It seemed to him as though God Almighty asked Al-Hallaj: “What do want Me to do with these people?”
Al-Hallij replied: “Lord, I ask Thee to forgive them all.” My Shaikh then turned to his disciple in the dream and said: “My son, this is what true generosity is about.”
Imam Al-Junayyid reported that he was once sitting by his doorsteps. A blind man who was asking people to help him pass by him. Al-Junayyid said to himself: “If this man trusted in God Almighty and sat on the corner of a street, or at the entrance of a mosque, God Almighty will surely provide for him without his asking.”
Al-Junayyid continued: “That night, a copper tray was placed before me in a dream, and that blind man was laid on it. A voice then said to me: ‘Eat from the flesh of this man.’ I replied: ‘God is my witness, I did not backbite him. It was only a thought, and my tongue never uttered a word of that.’ The voice then said: ‘Remember, 0 Junayyid, such an excuse cannot be accepted from a person with your level of knowledge.” Junaid added: “In the morning, I sat at my doorsteps again, pondering what had happened. Meanwhile, the blind man walked by me and said: ‘0 Aba Al-Qasim, was it enough what you saw last night, and did you repent?’”
After Al-Junayyid’s death, a disciple saw him in a dream and asked: ”What did God Almighty do to you, 0 Junayyid?”Al-Junayyid replied: “All the knowledge went away, and all the thoughts disappeared. Only a few prayers (Raka’fU) which we used to pray in the middle of the night (SuJ,flr) were of any benefit to us.

Once Sufyan Bin ‘Ayeenah saw SufyanAl-Thawri in a dream and asked him: “What is the special virtue that makes God Almighty love you?” Sufyan AIThawri, God bless his soul, replied: “Knowing less about people.” Ibn ‘Ayeenah then said: “Advise me.” Sufyan Al-Thawri replied: “Use what I have just told you.” Ibn ‘Ayeenah added: “God have mercy on you. There are many good brothers here, and each one. of them may intercede for his fellow brother on the Day of Judgment.” Sufyan Al-Thawri replied: “I wish not to know you from this day on. Have you seen harm coming from other than people you know?” Ibn ‘Ayeenah continued: “I suddenly woke up crying from my dream.”

Someone used to regularly recite special prayers and offer their blessing to the benefit of the soul of Riibi’a AI’ Adawiyyah, God be pleased with her. One night, he saw her in a dream, and she said to him: “Your gifts are carried to us on trays of light and are covered with light.”
Abu Al-Qasim Al-Maghribi once saw Abdu Raheem Ibn Nablitah AI-Khatib in a dream and asked him: ”What did God Almighty do to you?” He replied: “He passed a small piece of paper, and on it, I read two verses of a poem written with red ink. It says: You used to feel secure and at peace, and today I will let you into My safety and peace.

“Forgiveness is not conferred upon a rightful person, but upon a sinner, as a kind show of clemency”.

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