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Ibrahim AI-Khurabi once said: “I saw Bahhir Al-Hafi in a dream. It seemed as though he was leaving the Mosque of Ralifa. As he walked away from the mosque, the sleeve of his shirt looked weighty, and something kept on moving inside it. I asked him: ‘What did God Almighty do to you?’ He replied: ‘He forgave me, and He was generous to me.’ I asked: ‘What are you carrying in your sleeve?’ He replied: ‘The soul of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal visited us yesterday, and it was welcomed with showers of gems and pearls.
This is the share I was able to gather from that welcome.’ I asked: ‘What happened to YahYii Ibn Ma’m and Ahmad Ibn Hanbal after that?’ He replied: ‘They were called to visit the Lord of the universes, and they were welcomed with heavenly banquets.’ I asked: ‘Why did you not eat with them?’ He replied: ‘My Lord knew how little I care for food, and He allowed me to look at His Divine Countenance.’”
A man said to a dream interpreter: “I saw myself in a dream bartering wheat for barley.” The dream interpreter replied: “You have discontinued reading the Qur’an to become a poet.” The man obliged and repented.
A man was asleep when his friend brought an open pitcher of milk and watermelon. The friend then cut a piece of the watermelon and placed the milk and the pitcher beside his friend’s pillow with the knife on top of the pitcher. He then sat down and waited for him to wake up. When the man woke up, he told his friend an amazing dream. He said: “I saw as though a type of fly came out of my nose, and it stood over a knife before reentering my nose. Then suddenly, I saw myself walking over an iron bridge that stood on top of an ocean.”The friend smiled and told him what happened.
It is related that AI-Mustanjid Billih son of AI-Muqtafi saw during his father’s life a dream in which an angel descended and wrote four times the Arabic letter’H’ in the palm of his hand. When AI-Mustanjid woke up, he told the dream to an interpreter who replied: “You will receive the Caliphate from your father in the year five hundred fifty-five, and already five months and five days have passed.” AI-Mustanjid became the Caliph as foretold by the dream interpreter.

A man bought farmland. One night, he saw his nephew on his farm walking over snakes. In the morning, he asked a dream interpreter about it, and the latter replied: “If your dream is true, the land you bought is fertile, and whatever you plant therein will come to life.”

One night, a woman who lived in Mecca read the Qur’an before going to sleep. In a dream, she saw maids of honor circumambulating the Ka’aba- and carrying fine sheets covered with safflowers. The woman exclaimed in her dream: “Glory be to God! Who are these women?”
A voice said to her: “Do you not know that tonight is the wedding (‘Urs) of Abdul-Aziz Abi Dawud?” The woman woke up scared from her dream, as she heard a bursting noise coming from the street. She inquired about it to find that Abdul-Aziz Diiwiid has just died.
A man came to Imam Ibn Seerin and said: “I saw a big bird that landed upon a jasmine tree in a dream, and he ate all its flowers.” Ibn Seerin’s face became alarmed as he replied: “Your dream means the death of scholars.”

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