News: Apollo, The Guardian Angel Cat Helped Save His Owner from a Life-Threatening Seizure






A friend showed up at my door with a little black kitten, a barn cat from eastern Kentucky, as a housewarming gift. His twin was named Artemis, so I said his name had to be Apollo.

I’ve been prone to uncontrollable seizures all my life, but Apollo could somehow sense when I was going to have one. If I was home, he would scratch at me. If I was going to work, he would stand on his hind legs, pat the door, and want me to stay. I had surgery a few years ago, and now he can tell when my sugar drops and I need to eat something.

Once, I had a seizure in my sleep and got up to drink some water. I aspirated when I tried to use my vagus nerve stimulator to control the seizure. Apollo picked at me until I got up and got myself to the hospital. I knew something was not right.

When I got to the ER, I had another seizure and woke up intubated in the ICU. Apollo is truly a lifesaver and my guardian angel.

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