News: Announced Treatment with Wiseness

      Hazrat Abu Hurairah(R.A) narrates that The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) guided to get cure from Qur’an & if anyone does not get cure with Qur’an, then understand there is no cure in his/her destiny. In regards to the above Hadees, we should understand that we are guided to get cure from Qur’an, Names of God, and Prayers in which there is the praise of God and we should follow guidance, accordingly. Remedy Instances Pleurisy (Lungs disease) | It is narrated that The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) advised olive oil for (the treatment of) pleurisy.” (Tirmizi: H.2078). This made us understood that using medicine to the mouth should be on the concerned side of the mouth. This means, if we are facing a problem on the left body side, then medicine should be used in the left side mouth. Hazrat Suhaib(R.A) reports that his right eye was in pain and He was eating dates, looking to this; The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) said that, you are eating dates in spite of eye pain? Upon this, Hazrat Suhaib(R.A) replied with the respect that “I am eating from left mouth side and my right eye is in pain. According to The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) guidance, one should not eat dates during eye disease or during recovery time. Hazrat Umme Munzir(R.A) narrates that, The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) and Hazrat Ali (PBUH) both were in place, she had bunches of dates, she served to them, both accepted guest welcoming, but when Hazrat Ali (PBUH) had eaten 7 dates (approximately), He was stopped by The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) from eating more and was asked “Ali, you were ill last days & nowadays you are little weak in health, so do not eat more. Hearing this, Hazrat Umme Munzir(R.A) prepared thin gravy of meat, beetroot & chapatti from bare flour and served to both. On this The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) said to Hazrat Ali (PBUH), eat this dish, this is beneficial for you. (Tirmizi: H.2036)
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