News: Announced Scientific Wisdom in using your Right Hand

    “He (GOD) grants wisdom to whoever He wills. And whoever is granted wisdom is certainly blessed with a great privilege. But none will be mindful ˹of this˺ except people of reason”. (2:269) Hikmah literally means wisdom, but it means here the knowledge, and the understanding of the Qur’ân, and the Sunnah and one’s ability to speak and act in the correct and right way. Scientifically Proven: Eating & Doing Things with your Right Hand It is narrated that The Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to love to start doing things from the right side whenever possible, in performing ablution, putting on his shoes & combing his hair. The Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ate using His Right Hand Fingers & licked His Fingers after meals. Let us gather details of what Lab science says in finding an answer to “Why Muslims are asked to use their right hand more than the other.” What could be the wisdom behind this? Scientific Facts New scientific research has proven that our hands (especially the right hand) have enzymes that are also present in our saliva. In simpler words, the digestive process actually begins with our fingers as they break down the food that we eat. If we start any new work or use the new thing with the right hand or right leg our approach of the brain towards this act is left side of the brain means we initially use the left side of the brain for that act let see the scientific fact of left side & right side of the brain. & judge yourself the miracle of this Sunnah. A simple method to see the effects of our hands-on digestive process are as follows:
  1. Take 2 bowls filled with plain water, now put right hand in one bowl & left hand in other for some time & see for any changes in the water, you will see some water changes in both the bowls but more in a right-hand bowl, these changes are due to digestive enzymes present on our fingers.
  2. Now put some vegetables in both the bowls & again dip the right & left hand in each bowl for some time & see the changes on the vegetables, you will see that the vegetables get softer more in the right-hand bowl means that our right hand has more active enzyme than left, so it is Sunnah to eat with the right hand.
  3. These enzymes help the digestive process & if we eat with a spoon (etc) we lose the opportunity of the enzymes present on the right fingers.
  4. Also, it is believed & proved that licking of right fingers after meals is good & beneficial for digestion & remember it is Sunnah.
Prophetic Medical Guidance We feel immense respect upon reflecting light on beautiful medical guidance & teachings from the Last Prophet (saw)and His wisdom with principles for all humanity. News Mobilization Network

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