News: Announced Methods of Treatment

      Understand properly that the diseases & the treatments are sent down by God alone & the medicines do perform their act-tasks by God’s will only. We should do treatment with permissible medicines & methods.
  1. Ruqyah, Dua, Prayer(a spiritual healing method for black magic, evil eye, pain)
  2. Medicines (To put medicine on one side of the mouth)
  3. Reciting Names of God
  4. Reciting Dua which The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) recited
  5. To put medicine in nose
  6. Walking (Movement of intestines or walking)
  7. Wet Cupping
  8. Laxatives
  9. Herbs (Like honey, vegetables, fruits, & plants)
  10. Meal (don’t eat full stomach or excessive & Thanks to God for each morsel)
  11. Charity as you can afford
  12. Namaz (Salah) (like chasht Namaz for joints)
  13. Qur’an (Reading Special Aayats & Chapters for Diseases, as mentioned in Hadees)
  14. Seeking Forgiveness & Repentance from God
  15. Avoiding sins
  16. Special Dua
  17. Seeking God’s Shelter by praying in Heart
  18. Belief in God’s Cure
  19. Following Proper Sunnah
  20. Keeping Patients
  21. Keeping Cleanliness
  22. Fasting
  23. Food (Special food substances, dishes, fruits, etc)
  24. Water (drinking water which is supplicated without or Ruqyah, or washing hands or sprinkling the same water on the body)
  25. Precautions (Do’s & Don’t)
  26. Cauthery (Burning)
  27. Stop eating & wearing with Haram Earnings
The doctor should have proper knowledge of treatment, as the following Hadees says Narrated by Hazrat Amr Bin Shuaib(R.A) from his father & Grandfather that The Last Prophet Muhammad(saw) said, “Whoever gives medical treatment with no prior knowledge of medicine, will be responsible (for any harm done). (Ibn Majah: H.3466) Duty of the doctor Hazrat Abi Ramsha(R.A) says that “Your (doctors) duty is to relieve the patient & God Himself is a Healer.” (Musnad Ahmed page: 17037) News Mobilization Network

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