News: A moral range of stories after Pandemic

Struggling is to live. Live it strong!
Some stories society didn’t realize they needed until they found them, like Faith, a Muslim woman who met in the way who told us she was the first person in her county to contract COVID-19. “She spoke with us about being treated like a pariah, about how rumors were spreading about her family and herself in this small town”. Once she got out of quarantine, everyone kept at a distance until her cat hugged her.
Among the most powerful interviews, one with this young woman, who came back to live with her 90 years aged mother and older brother, and his baby during the pandemic, struggling to help them while trying to keep up with livelihood. Her brother was doing real-estate business and her mother, who did not speak English, was trying to navigate the court system for custody of her daughter’s baby.
“Through the daughter, we glimpse the mother. As with any personal archive, there’s always a multiplicity of lives that leave a trace,” Ashir says. “Reading the testimonies you immediately see the array, the range of people that they’ve been able to meet, and how people of age have allowed themselves to struggle in their own stories, which we really, really admire.”
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