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N64 Pokémon Snap Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

The original is hitting Nintendo's online service later this month

While there’s a New Pokémon Snap for fans to enjoy on the Switch—which only came out last year—Nintendo has decided to make the original N64 game available as well.

Pokémon Snap is coming for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack members later this month, with the game due to land on June 24. Here’s a very nostalgic trailer:

Pokémon Snap™ – Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online

If you’ve never played it, here’s an excerpt from an appreciation post we ran back in 2018:

I’ve gone back to Pokémon Snap on a few rare occasions over the last twenty years. Every time I do, I find something new to love.

It is a rather slow affair, but it was obviously designed as such. The game wants players to have time to check their surroundings and take everything in. The rustling of a Meowth slinking through the foliage or the splash of a Poliwag diving into a nearby river. I realized that Pokémon Snap

 was providing an aspect of this fantastical world the original games never had — witnessing Pokémon in their natural environments. Red and Blue’s top-down view never truly portrayed Pokémon in the wild. It hid them away within the tall grass of Viridian Forest or the dark corners of Mt. Moon. Pokémon Snap was all about giving players a less stressful look into the world of Pokémon. An interactive field trip of sorts.

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