Jeff Doucet Death – Jeff Doucet Cause of Death – Passed Away

Jeff Doucet Death – Cause of Death- Passed Away: Jeffrey Paul Doucet (3 February 1959 – 17 March 1984) was an American kid molester answerable for the seizing and assault of Jody Plauché in 1984. He was captured for the wrongdoing, however was shot and killed by Jody’s dad Gary Plauché before he could confront preliminary.

Very little is thought about Doucet’s initial life other than that he was brought into the world in Port Arthur in 1959. As per Doucet, he was physically manhandled as a kid. Doucet additionally professed to have attacked various youngsters, in spite of the fact that he was unable to recall the number of. He was accused of sexual attack of a minor at one point yet it was canceled from his record.

At an obscure point, Doucet moved to Baton Rouge and accepted a position as a karate teacher. He met and become friends with the Plauché family and was popular with the entirety of his understudies, particularly Jody Plauché. He would consistently take his understudies skating or to the film, and surprisingly went to an evening gathering held by Gary Plauché.

In any case, during a setting up camp excursion in 1983, Doucet started to physically contact Jody and dozed in his hiking bed with him. This before long raised to assault, after which Doucet would mishandle Jody consistently, some of the time twice, for the following not many months.

Doucet was captured in 1984 for check misrepresentation, yet was delivered on bail. On February 19, the day he was expected to show up in court, Doucet went to the Plauché house under the guise of addressing a task and stole Jody. He drove him right from Baton Rouge to California, going through Port Arthur, New Mexico and Arizona. Doucet, his psychological state decaying quickly, consistently attacked Jody all through the excursion. He made Jody look like his child to keep away from doubt. He additionally permitted Jody to routinely call his mom.

In the long run they showed up at Disneyland, Doucet’s proposed objective. In any case, on February 29 the FBI had the option to follow one of Jody’s calls. This permitted them to find and capture Doucet and return Jody to his folks. Doucet was removed to Louisiana to be accused of irritated capturing. Doucet showed up at Baton Rouge air terminal on March 16. As he was begin the plane, Gary Plauché strolled past and shot Doucet in the side of the head prior to being quickly caught by Doucet’s gatekeepers. Doucet kicked the bucket a day after the fact. Gary was indicted for homicide and got a seven-year suspended sentence and five years probation.

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