I don’t think there’s enough blood in this game based on a Netflix Korean zombie series

Kingdom: The Blood stays true to its name

The lines between video games and entertainment IP continue to get more porous by the day. Games keep getting turned into television series and and movies, and film franchises are still turning into games. On Tuesday, we got a new look at a game based on a Netflix Korean zombie series called Kingdom: The Blood — and boy is it bloody.

The game got a short, and incredibly bloody gameplay teaser, featuring tightly choreographed sword swinging, along with brutal action, and yes, blood. So much of it. It’s being developed by Action Square, creators of Anvil, and has been announced for Windows PC and mobile devices.

The Kingdom is a live-action K-drama from Netflix based on the popular webtoon series called The Kingdom of the Gods. The story takes place sometimes between the years 1400 and 1900, in Korea’s Joseon period, and follows a young Prince as he seeks to save his land from an encroaching plague. Netflix has released two seasons of the series so far consisting of 12 episodes in total.

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