Human Society In The Next Few Years: Top Inevitable Changes We Can Predict

The most significant change that has been witnessed in human society is the introduction of social media. If we talk about the social media use among the adults in the States, the percentage was hovering around 5% in 2005. Brace yourselves. The rate is now at 70%. The shift just occurred in the last 15 years. The experts have shown serious concern over this change and not just the adults. The number has grown exponentially, even among teenagers. Parents and teachers are also quite worried about where the shift and influence of social media will put their wards. There are also various reports where its impact on the person’s psychological well-being is discussed in detail. There is a severe need to have some measures that can put a check on the usage. The kids who have their smartphone or tablet must be given an allotted time frame to use their devices. In this blog, we will discuss the top few aspects that are now completely integrated with social media, and it seems next to impossible to detach ourselves from it.

Human Society In The Next Few Years Top Inevitable Changes We Can Predict

Human Society In The Next Few Years Top Inevitable Changes We Can Predict

Integrated To Business

Social media has become highly integrated, no matter which business we talk about. Earlier, it was considered just a ‘good to have’ add-on for the company. However, it is now essential that it can’t be missed. The development is primarily due to digital marketing, and you can understand its cruciality by the fact that several institutions are providing graduate-level courses.

Banking Might Also Shift To Social Media

The time isn’t very far away when you will get to pay off the rent through your preferred platform on social media. Meta has already integrated the payment system into one of its messaging platforms, and the trend will be occupied soon by other platforms. There will be various challenges waiting in the future; the primary ones will be the security concerns through different malware.

Better Healthcare

A glimpse of online healthcare is seen after the inception of the latest pandemic. Various experts are available online for you to assess and prescribe. It is also seen that the healthcare campaigns that are hosted online can garner good publicity and are also turned out to be an excellent tool to raise awareness. Though it has helped us bridge the gap to a reasonable extent, it is not always a safe option. Social media platforms are always a vulnerable space for the details to go viral, and it might be a huge drawback, especially during a pandemic.

Better Respond In A Disaster

It’s a tool that can be a boon if used wisely. There are various times when social media has proven its worth during a disaster. The information can be updated live, and it will help others to stay alert. The users can use the features like Safety Check to let everyone know that they are safe. The personal network of users will also help keep everyone updated about their whereabouts.

Better Respond In A Disaster

Better Respond In A Disaster

A Check On Human Rights Violation

Social media has proven to be a fantastic tool for keeping an eye on human rights violations. The best example that I can think of is the Arab Spring. Social media played a crucial role in offering activists a platform to raise voices and awareness. It will also help to bring people with like-minds together and let them face enormous challenges.

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