How to Change Your Mouse Pointer Size and Color


Earlier this week I looked at one of my students’ computers and noticed that he had made his mouse pointer red and about three times its normal size. When I asked him why he changed it his answer was, “it’s easier to see.” I suppose that I should have known that would be his answer. His answer served as a reminder that many of us never think about the size and color of the mouse pointer on our screens, but for some students the size and color of the mouse pointed is very important. 

Adjusting the size and color of the mouse pointer in Windows 10 is easy to do. As I demonstrate in this video, you can access the mouse settings by simply typing “mouse” in the start-up search bar. From there you can change all of your mouse preferences including scroll speed, left-right preferences, mouse pointer size, and mouse pointer color. 

Mac users can also change the size of their mouse pointers and the ways in which the mouse pointer responds to input. You’ll find those settings in the accessibility menu on your Mac. Watch this short video to learn how to adjust mouse settings on a Mac.

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