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What are you up to this weekend? Today’s weather feels like spring and I’m excited to leave my jacket at home! The sunshine feels so restorative on our faces. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The beauty product I’ve used every day this year.

Jenny reveals her new cookbook cover.

This anecdote made me laugh. So charming.

Plots of 1980s movies if their protagonists had been people of color. (New Yorker)

How gorgeous are these travel photos of the United Kingdom?

Curious to try this arousal trick.

“I’m not ready for isolation to end!” (New York Magazine)

My husband Alex looks like Seth Rogen, and Seth Rogen agrees, haha. (New York Times)

The prettiest birthday candles.

A brave, beautiful essay about one girl’s foster care experience. “Had we done something bad? Were we not enough? No one said, and we knew better than to ask. We went without crying or even complaining, as if childhood was a kind of war, and we had been made soldiers.” (New York Times)

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Twyla on conversations with a seven-year-old: “My husband and I don’t have any kids, but my husband is very young-at-heart and is constantly having water fights/snowball fights with the kids in our condo complex. They actually ring the doorbell and ask if he can come outside and play (he’s 45). We found out how unaware they are of his actual age when one of the boys said to him, ‘I’m telling your MOM!,’ which they did. To me.”

Says Toni on what are your home’s quirks: “My former apartment building on the Upper West Side was incredible. There was the woman who would randomly walk the halls shouting, ‘I MADE LEMON BARS’ and suddenly doors would open and there would be a little lemon bar happy hour in the halls… The lady who thanked my husband in ketchup packets for helping her in with her groceries each week (there was no taking no for an answer from Rose)… The precocious kid with his super shy parents who once asked me ‘Do you live with your friends?’ and when I replied no followed it up with ‘Do you have any friends?’ It was such a perfect little village in a big building. It truly felt like home.”

Says Tricia on conversations with a seven-year-old: “We had a big laugh over what our four-year-old said recently. My husband came downstairs in a flannel shirt and our son said, ‘Daddy! We’re not going to a wedding! Take off that fancy wedding suit!’ I guess it’s been a while since he wore a button-down… about a year, to be exact.”

(Photo by Chika.)

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