Funeral prayers for national icon Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan held at Islamabad’s Faisal Mosque

Funeral prayers for Pakistan’s renowned nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan were held at Islamabad’s Faisal Mosque on Sunday.

A large number of people were in attendance, despite the rain which began to pour shortly before the prayers, at 3:30 pm.

Two separate enclosures were arranged within the mosque premises, of which one expressly catered to the general public.

Khan, 85, passed away early Sunday morning after his health deteriorated.

His health started deteriorating Saturday night, after which he was brought to the KRL hospital Sunday morning in an ambulance, at 6 am.

Sources said the nuclear scientist experienced discomfort in breathing after which he was brought to the hospital. However, his health took a turn for the worse when his lungs started bleeding.

Doctors tried their best to save the renowned scientist’s life but were unable to do so, resulting in his death at 7:04 am. Doctors have said he passed away after his lungs collapsed.


Speaking to Geo News, Minister for Interior Sheikh Rasheed said that Dr. AQ Khan will be buried at the H-8 graveyard, in accordance with his family’s as well as his own wishes.

“We have directed the district administration to prepare a grave at the H-8 graveyard before 3 pm,” he added.

The minister said that previously a grave had been prepared at the Faisal Mosque premises “but now, in accordance with his will”, he will be buried at the H-8 graveyard.


Rasheed showered praise on the scientist, adding that all necessary arrangements were made to save Dr. Qadeer’s life.

He confirmed that the government will accord a state funeral to the scientist in recognition of his services for Pakistan.

The interior minister said Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan had helped him a lot with educational activities, adding that he had remained a visionary leader in times when Pakistan was going through a sensitive period.

“He is indeed living with a high programme, the Brain-of-Pakistan

The minister later spoke at a press briefing, saying that Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed all cabinet members to attend Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s funeral.

In response to a question, he said the funeral will be offered at the Shah Faisal Mosque, adding that the public will be allowed to attend it.

“He was a great scientist. He served his country and served it with dignity and hard work,” the minister said. “The entire country respects him and he will be buried with honor today at 3:30 pm.”

He informed the media that the security has been alerted for the funeral.

Dr. AQ Khan is considered the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program and is revered at home as a hero for building the Muslim world’s first atomic bomb.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan became a national hero overnight, not only in Pakistan but in the Islamic world as well, when in May 1998 Pakistan gave a befitting response to India by conducting its nuclear tests.

Following the tests, Pakistan became the sole nuclear power in the Muslim world and the seventh country to possess nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons have kept Indian aggression in check.

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