Florida Woman Sees Baby Dinosaur

Florida Woman Sees Baby Dinosaur – Florida Woman Believes She Saw ‘Infant Dinosaur’ Running Through Her Yard.

The lady said the creature surfaced around 3:40 a.m. what’s more, was gotten on her surveillance camera.

A Florida lady was persuaded that what she saw going through her terrace was an infant dinosaur. Furthermore, she’s not by any means the only adherent, she said, as everybody she’s shown the video to likewise concurs.

Cristina Ryan of Palm Coast revealed to Fox 35 News that her surveillance camera caught the unidentified creature running free across her yard at 3:40 a.m. Ryan told the columnist that the manner in which the creature was strolling caused her to trust it was anything but a feline, raccoon or other creature you may find going through.

“Possibly I’ve watched ‘Jurassic Park’ too often, however I see a raptor or other little dinosaur!” She said.

Others who’ve seen the recording have ringed in on what the creature could be, and in certain circles it’s directed to warmed discussions.

“I really see a canine with an unusual hair style. Could even be a 3-legged-canine,” kept in touch with one individual.

“It would appear that a skunk to me with its tail up,” said another.

“No thought,” said one confounded father. “I showed my kid and now she needs to set up dinosaurs traps in our yard.”

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