Dragon Age 4 Executive Producer Reveals More Character Concept Art


Bioware Austin Executive Producer Christian Dailey has revealed a new piece of Dragon Age 4 character concept art, showing off a mage, as well as a previously-revealed magic archer.
Dailey posted the concept to Twitter over the weekend, which features a character standing in a rain-drenched alley in Minrathous, wearing a boxy cape and wielding a staff with a snake at its helm. Dailey was prompted to post it by Dragon Age Creative Director Matthew Goldman, who tagged Daily previously, noting that fans “could use a little pick me up.”

Back in January, Dailey posted a similar piece of Dragon Age concept art featuring a helmeted archer character in a fractured world. It’s not clear whether either of these new faces will show up in the forthcoming Dragon Age 4 as set characters, or if they represent player classes, but it’s nice to see Bioware Austin’s vision for the look of the game.

A recent report suggested that Dragon Age 4 will be a single-player RPG with no multiplayer. The game will be set in the land of Tevinter, as confirmed by a recently released BioWare book.
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