Critical Role’s head of publishing is turning the indie RPG hit Alice is Missing into a movie

But it probably won’t be a movie about text messages

One of the most popular tabletop role-playing games of the last several years is getting a movie adaptation. Alice is Missing, the TTRPG from Hunters Entertainment, is being developed by Paramount, where it will be written by Becca Gleason (The Summer I Turned Pretty) and Spenser Starke, the game’s creator.

Alice is Missing follows the story of a friend group navigating events after one of their own disappears. The game is played completely via text messages, with each player participating as a unique character with their own motivation. All of the players text each other, slowly compiling their wealth of evidence and figuring out what exactly happened to Alice.

Alice is Missing was originally launched on Kickstarter more than two years ago, and it was quickly funded. From there, the game gained popularity with fans and critics, eventually earning an Ennie Award for best game and best product of the year.

The film will be produced by Ivan Van Norman, head of Critical Role’s Darrington Press imprint, and Christopher De La Rosa. Alice is Missing creator Spenser Starke is currently a designer for Darrington.

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