Russians are searching for pirated Microsoft products and switching to Linux as the Western corporate exodus hits software updates and services: report

Russians are searching for pirated Microsoft software online after the US tech giant halted sales in the country over its invasion of Ukraine, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Monday. Russia-based web searches for pirated Microsoft software have surged by as much as 250% after the company suspended new sales on March 4, according to Kommersant. In June so far, … Read more

Ukraine vows to bring back children forcibly taken to Russia

KYIV — Ukraine is trying to bring back children who have been forcibly taken to Russia from regions occupied by Russian forces, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said in a recent interview with Nikkei Asia. Vereshchuk, charged with evacuating civilians and internally displaced people, said Russia is trying to forcibly assimilate the orphans through adoption, … Read more

8 Ways to Encourage Curiosity in Children

An essential component in education and in life, curiosity drives us to learn new things and discover how things work around us. While there are various ways to stimulate our curiosity, it is crucial that we instil this in our children from young. “Stimulating your child’s curiosity is a wonderful gift because it enables them … Read more

The key to curiosity? Asking the right questions

The primary motivation behind every inventor, great thinker, philosopher, and artist throughout history, has been a sense of wonder. How can teachers spark the same type of curiosity in their students? As Pablo Boullosa told The Observatory, in an interview: “Curiosity is like a spring that pushes you to know more things, to see beyond, … Read more

Wild Me Leverages Flatfile to Further their Mission in Fighting Wildlife Extinction

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History reports that at least 15,000 species on Earth are threatened with extinction. Scientists are racing to catalogue the biodiversity on Earth, working against the clock as extinctions continue to occur. Wild Me is a non-profit organization that builds open software and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to support … Read more