Can crypto markets see another huge crash? By Cointelegraph


Black Thursday anniversary: Can crypto markets see another huge crash?

It is no secret that March 12, 2020, marked one of the darkest days in crypto history. This was the day when (BTC) witnessed one of the largest single-day price dips in its decade-long existence, swooping from $8,000 to a staggering low of $3,600, albeit briefly, just for a matter of minutes.

To put things into perspective, within a span of just 24 hours, over $1 billion worth of BTC longs were liquidated, causing one of the most intense value drops witnessed by the digital market in its brief history. Another way to look at the crash is that during the above-stated time frame, BTC lost nearly 50% of its value, a statistic that is quite striking, to say the least.

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