Blockchain can stamp out fake news and rebuild trust in mass media By Cointelegraph


Blockchain can stamp out fake news and rebuild trust in mass media

Fact-checking agencies are in charge of verifying facts and claims in the news that may be distorted in the process of rewriting or for any political purposes. The news text may consist of truthful information written in a neutral format peculiar to the news, but one sentence may contain a false fact or claim whose origin is unknown. In addition, the state itself has begun to produce false information, as was the case with former U.S. President Donald Trump’s famous Twitter account.

The main strength of fake news is the rapid speed with which it disseminates. While false information has always existed, the internet makes it worse every year. The high speed of fake news sharing has the potential to directly affect public relations and have serious political and economic consequences that are sometimes difficult to predict. This is not to mention that it has become difficult to trace the original source and at what iteration true news might have become false.

Arsenii Tretiakov is the head of public relations at the Distributed Ledger Technologies Center of St. Petersburg State University. He is researching computer-based methods to detect fake news as a Ph.D. student in media studies at the University Carlos III of Madrid.